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Top 3 Beauty Tips Videos Pinterest Pinboards


Pinterest is not just a collection of images related to a certain topic, such as beauty.  The visually stimulating social media site is also promoting video concentrated pinboards. Beacause beauty is one of the more comprehensive topics enjoyed by millions of people on Pinterest it's no suprise there are more beauty video pinboards. There are [...]

Top 3 Eyeshadow Tutorials Pinterest Pinboards


Pinterest gives you a great visual experience when it comes to tutorials, "how to", guides, tips, and step-by-step instructions on how to apply eyeshadow correctly, what styles and color schemes work best, trending makeup styles, proper technique, and quick lessons for beginners. Here are 3 top eyeshadow tutorial Pinterest pinboards for your visual tour pleasure. [...]

Pinterest Brandy Melville

There's no denying the uniqueness of the Brandy Melville style. This Italian company clothes line offers a variety of appealing tops, skirts, sweaters, shirts, dresses, hoodies, shorts and jeans. If you're looking to find that perfect Brandy Melville outfit then Pinterest is a great place to start your "visual" search. I have selected these top [...]

jewelry box Pinterest

Ever since I was a young girl I've had jewelry boxes.  I went through different phases when it came to the type of jewelry box I had in my room. In junior high I had a lot of porcelain and wooden boxes with pictures of butterflies on them because that was my theme back then. [...]

Top 5 Victorian Jewelry Pinterest Pinboards

Victorian brooch Pinterest

Victorian Jewelry is as characteristic of the Victorian Era as is interior design or clothing.  Made popular by Queen Victoria herself, who loved to wear jewelry and to give jewelry to her friends, the era for this type of antique jewelry spans the years beginning from around 1840 through 1900. The jewelry could be said [...]

Top 5 Pinterest Wedding Bouquet Ideas Pinboards

The wedding bouquet puts the finishing touch on the bride’s outfit.  It’s the necessary accent she needs to complete her look.  The bridal bouquet can be small and dainty or bold and brilliant.  And, breaking from tradition, the bouquet does not have to be floral; it can be crystals, feathers, or pearls.  A bride can [...]

Top 5 Pinterest Wedding Dresses Pinboards

A sea of white lace accented with delicate beading. White satin cascades embellished with shimmery sequins and a touch of pearls at the wrist.  It’s your dream wedding dress. What a magical feeling you’ll get when you finally slip into that exquisite gown!  Take some time now to browse through the collection of wedding dresses [...]

Looking for that perfect brand purse Facebook Cover? Well, you need not look further. Below I found many of the top sites that feature a variety of Purse Facebook Cover Timeline Photos that you can download for free or use a special app to upload them straight to your Timeline. Here are my top 10 [...]