Beauty and Cosmetics

Diamonds  Diamonds Are Forever  It is said that diamonds are a girls best friends. Give a girl a beautifully cut diamond wedding ring and you send a message of eternal love, friendship and commitment. A Diamond is a rare and unique mineral. Many of us enjoy the exquisite quality of this gemstone once the refined cutting process [...]

Lady Gaga doesn't go long without one of her risque twipics. She did it again on July 16th tweeting a picture on Twitter while doing a perfume ad for her Fame Fragrance by Haus Laboratories. Leave it to Lady Gaga to let the imagination inspire. This ad is quite unique and features Lady Gaga with miniature men [...]

Roses are the quintessential flower. No other flower ultimately expresses a feeling and emotion better than a rose. Roses are beautiful to the eye, smooth to the touch, and sweet to the smell. Different color roses symbolize different emotions.     Red roses convey love and compassion. Yellow roses can be given to a friend to show how [...]

With the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Princess Catherine (former Kate Middleton), to the United States and the state of California this July 8-10th weekend all eyes will be on Catherine's wardrobe. Catherine's daily fashion ensembles will be on full display with lots of media coverage including social media sites [...]

Tweets are short and to the point, and companies usually use them to promote a product or post a link to an article to pass on more information.  With this in mind one reason I created this blog was to make it easier to find companies who are using Twitter to tweet about their products [...]