Pinterest handmade Christmas gifts

Kids and parents alike enjoy making homemade Christmas gifts. Let's face it, a DIY homemade gift is a lot more personal and heartfelt than just a regular store bought gift.  Not only do these gifts bring happiness to the ones who receive them, but, because they are lovingly home-made, giving people these specially crafted gifts [...]

reindeer ring toss

For many kids experiencing a wonderful school Christmas party is a sure way to start the holidays off right. Children of all ages love a good classroom party and, luckily, many school districts designate one day before Christmas break to have it. Teachers know that a good Christmas party can be one of the fondest [...]

Pinterest burlap projects

Burlap is an all purpose material. It's properties and texture make it perfect for certain things including rustic decor, DIY projects, Fall decor and even for wedding accents. Burlap is neutral and natural in color, recyclable, and biodegradable.  It can be turned into things like bags, table runners, letters, covers, banners, and even a Christmas [...]

Christmas crafts Pinterest

We all want to make our children's Christmas break fun and educational so they can get the most enjoyment out of the holidays.  These Top 5 Christmas Crafts and Activities For Kids Pinterest Pinboards were specifically picked with that idea in mind.  By combining amusement with instruction, the numerous suggestions in these pins will fill [...]

turkey color by numbers Pinterest

One of the major holidays of the holiday season is Thanksgiving.  It is a terrific time to teach children to think about what they are grateful for through crafts and activities.  Either at home or at school there are many teachable moments. These Top 5  Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities Pinboards offer fantastic selections for you [...]

gingerbread house Pinterest

Looking for a variety of gingerbread house printables, patterns, templates, tutorials, and decorating ideas? Perhaps even some free ones? If you answered yes then Pinterest is the resource that can deliver this wish. I've searched Pinterest for the best gingerbread house pinboards that have a nice representation of templates, tutorials, decorating ideas and designs. There [...]

packaging ideas Pinterest

Selecting the best packaging and wrapping paper for a gift is not always an easy task.  People's initial reaction to a gift is primarily based on presentation, which includes the packaging, ties, bows, tags, toppers, type and design of wrapping paper and any other assorted add-on embellishments. If you need an instant injection of ideas and [...]

glitter homemade Christmas card idea

At Christmas time, we always have so many feelings we want to express: joy, serenity, cheer.  We want people to know of our desire for togetherness with family and friends.  We wish to express our gratitude and awe for the "reason for the season" - the miraculous birth of a savior child.  And we even [...]