Stenciling a carpet, rug or floor can be just the thing to liven up your home or patio!  It's simple to do for the DIYers, and, in some instances, you can hire a local artist if you want to take it to the next level.  Stenciling appeals to all kinds of folks because it deals [...]

Top 5 Ideas for the Attic Pinterest Pinboards

attic room ideas Pinterest

Attics are the coolest!  As one pin depicted in one of the following pinboards is that the attic is a Bonus Room.  As the following pinboards will show, an attic can be a bedroom, a bathroom, an office, a library, a playroom, and also a reading nook, a sleepover room, and a theater room, to [...]

wooden floor kitchen design

The kitchen is the most high traffic area in the house. Because of this the perfect kitchen has to be designed for ultimate functionality that includes the right design that incorporates the natural flow of movement in the interior using the kitchen triangle, a chosen theme or style, a careful evaluation of space and balance, [...]