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How Do I Create A Facebook Frames?


Looking for a guideline to help you create the latest Facebook effect, the Facebook Frame? If you are, check out a quick summary below on how to create these Facebook frames and how to use them on your page. The Facebook frame tutorial and creation guidelines are featured here below: Starting with the Design- begin [...]

Where Can I Find Halloween Facebook Cover Photos?

Halloween Facebook Cover

Are you looking to spruce up you Facebook Timeline Cover Photo just in time for Halloween and don't know where to begin? Now you're in luck. I have plenty, and I mean plenty, of Halloween Facebook Cover Photo posts with hundreds of Halloween Facebook Covers to select from and tons of links to websites that [...]

Have you ever considered swapping out your current Facebook Profile Picture with a classic scary costume Halloween mask profile picture to get in the spirit of Halloween? If you stumbled upon this post then perhaps you have already considered doing just this and thus have begun searching for a particular scary, bad guy or horror [...]