Pinterest Brandy Melville

There's no denying the uniqueness of the Brandy Melville style. This Italian company clothes line offers a variety of appealing tops, skirts, sweaters, shirts, dresses, hoodies, shorts and jeans. If you're looking to find that perfect Brandy Melville outfit then Pinterest is a great place to start your "visual" search. I have selected these top [...]

Top 5 Star Wars Cosplay Pinterest Pinboards

The Force Awakens Cosplay Pinterest

With the upcoming release of Star Wars VII The Force Awakens on December 17, 2015 die hard Star Wars fans will be gearing up for the big event in an all out Cosplay extravanganza in theaters throughout the world. This next installment of the Star Wars series sees the action taking place around 30 years [...]

Coach purses Pinterest

The Coach fashion brand is associated with the finest in craftsmanship, style, and durability. Coach purses, totes and handbags are made from the highest quality of materials, carefully designed in classic and modern styles. If you're looking for a Coach purse, tote or handbag style or brand model, Pinterest can help. Listed below are some [...]

Sewing Machine And Fabric

How fabulous it is to be able to sew your own items.  Knowing this, the following Pinterest Pinboards dealing with sewing patterns and projects have been gathered to offer you superb ideas and tips for sewing, and provides many patterns for you to follow and projects for you to consider.  There are many instructions and [...]

Top 5 Pinterest Wedding Dresses Pinboards

A sea of white lace accented with delicate beading. White satin cascades embellished with shimmery sequins and a touch of pearls at the wrist.  It’s your dream wedding dress. What a magical feeling you’ll get when you finally slip into that exquisite gown!  Take some time now to browse through the collection of wedding dresses [...]

Your wedding day – what an exquisite day, and what a day to look your best, radiant.  When a bride is dressed in her total ensemble, the eye takes in the dress, the flowers, the jeweled accessories, but what completes the final picture is her adornment, her face topped with a lacy veil or shimmering [...]

Looking for that perfect brand purse Facebook Cover? Well, you need not look further. Below I found many of the top sites that feature a variety of Purse Facebook Cover Timeline Photos that you can download for free or use a special app to upload them straight to your Timeline. Here are my top 10 [...]

The Victorian era which lasted for a good part of the 1800's mainly in Europe produced some of the best patterns, styles and fabrics of any time period. Many would agree that the Victorian style was orderly but grounded in excessive ornamentation. Wallpaper usually resembled floral patterns and crests with the basic primary colors with [...]