As of the date of this post no one knows exactly how Congress will handle this latest debt ceiling debate. What's happened so far? The government will basically run out of money sometime on or after October 17th, 2013.  The GOP is couldn't even get their people in line for a vote on Tuesday evening [...]

Boss's Day is coming up on October 16 and you know that that means? You got it, it's time to thank the person, persons or people who help you put food on the table with a Happy Boss's Day Facebook Cover Timeline Photo. There are many wonderful and deserving bosses in the United States and [...]

You knew it was going to happen. The government shut down this past Tuesday, October 2nd, and Saturday Night Live SNL would be broadcasting soon after in a couple of days. You also knew the writers of SNL were planning a parody skit on the government shutdown, this was as sure as death and taxes. [...]

You knew it was bound to happen. I've been covering Twitter accounts and Twitter's reaction to news for almost three years and the creation of a parody or funny account for a famous inanimate object in the news is nothing new. See this post: 5 Inanimate Objects That Tweet On Twitter These accounts can be [...]

Everyone loves a good joke and a funny joke used as a Facebook Cover is even better. Below you will find some of the best free funny joke Facebook Covers download websites on the Internet each linked to their humorous, funny and joke categories. There are thousands of Covers to select from as I listed just [...]

Using arrow or pointer decals along with text on funny novelty or gag gifts has been popular for many years. People have been putting arrows and texts on t-shirts, coffee mugs, fake magazine covers, and fake photos either to get a serious laugh or in some cases to make a serious personal statement about themselves or [...]

The word “Memes” is actually an old term created decades ago. It was initially associated with facets of our culture that mimic features in biology such as the mimicking and replicating of genes. In our human culture these features include popular ideas that spread from person to person within a culture or society. In today’s technological social networking [...]

Funny Facebook covers are showing up everywhere on people's Timeline. A funny, humorous cover can go a long way in brightening up your, a friend or family member's day. Everyone needs a good laugh now and then so oblige them every once in a while by adding a funny Facebook cover. These 1o sites offer [...]