Hashtags Trending on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest on July 20, 2013. Today Helen Thomas the famed White House correspondent journalist has passed away at 92. Click on the hashtag below to see all the latest Helen Thomas tweets being updated by the second. A women falls off a roller coaster at [...]

The drama and suspense is finally over. Last night the official Powerball lottery headquarters drew the winning sequence of numbers for the record 580 million, 390 million cash value Powerball jackpot. The winning set of numbers are as follows:     So how many winning Powerball jackpot tickets were sold for the November 28th drawing? It didn't take long [...]

The 6 magical numbers that everyone has been waiting for have finally been drawn. It's now time to get those tickets out and see how many numbers you can match to tonight's numbers. So what were tonight's record winning Powerball lottery numbers? The November 28th, 2012 Powerball Powerplay drawing suspense ended tonight with this following winning [...]

How Much is the Latest Powerball Jackpot Worth?

This is the real deal. A jackpot estimated at a half billion dollars is extraordinary beyond belief. How much is the latest Powerball jackpot actually worth? The latest news from the AP wires has a minimum Powerball jackpot prize of at least 500 million.  Of course tomorrow states around the country are predicting huge lines [...]

****Update**** November 28th Wining Powerball Numbers 5 16 22 23 29 Powerball 6    Get ready again lottery enthusiasts as almost half a billion dollars will be on the table for the next Powerball lottery drawing. If many of you are wondering did anyone win the Powerball jackpot last night on November 24th, 2012 the [...]

The 2011 year is finally coming to a close ushering in the new 2012 year. It's been a great 2012 year on Twitter and on the Tweeting Blog.  I've written hundreds of posts covering how social media sites reacted to the top stories of the year. I've learned a lot about social trends, the speed in which technology progresses and seen [...]

One Year Countdown to the End of The World December 21, 2012 Follow the countdown on Twitter   The official Mayan calendar end of the world countdown has officially begun today. So what is the grand significance of today and the start of the countdown to doomsday and why the world is going to end in 2012.  Well, it [...]

So who's that person playing the piano and singing in the lastest Google doodle animation search? The latest Google doodle celebrates what would have been  Freddie Mercury's 65th Birthday, the legendary singer of Queen . This animation Google was launched yesterday on Sept. 5  and viewed by millions of eyes around the world but in [...]