Donald Trump is off on his "Thank You Tour 2016" #thankyoutour2016 Twitter hashtag to thank the American people for his November 8th, 2016 election victory. Trumps Thank You Tour will resemble many of his pre-election rallies held around the country. In particular these rallies will be not unlike those held in places like Ohio, Michigan and [...]

Syria hashtag

The Syrian civil war has plunged the region into a humanitarian crisis on a grand scale. Millions of people have been displaced seeking refuge and a better life in neighboring Middle Eastern countries, Europe and other more distant countries. This massive movement of refugees has put enormous pressure on these countries to help sustain the [...]

Top 10 Drone Twitter Accounts

consumer drones

Are you into drones? If you are, you're not alone. Many people these days are talking about them and for good reason. The future seems ripe for drones and all the buzz surrounding their growth and use. Continuing with this line of questioning, are you looking for a place to follow the latest drone news [...]

Obama immigration reform Twitter

Yesterday, President Barack Obama announced his plans to implement an executive order to drastically overhaul immigration reform. The announcement does not come without criticism on the grand stage of politics. More specifically, the Republicans who claim the immigration reform initiatives under the executive order powers are not warranted under the rule of law.  In their [...]

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or Obamacare as its known is already underway with people securing coverage for all kinds of plans to choose from. What you need are real time updates with breaking news from HealtCareGov including types of plan coverages, how to sign up, where to sign up, what types of [...]

It was a close call for sure, but the Senate and the House finally agreed on raising the debt ceiling so the country can pay its bills and interest owed. Up to this point the GOP conservatives were playing hardball being influenced by the tea party members within their own party who were voicing their [...]

As of the date of this post no one knows exactly how Congress will handle this latest debt ceiling debate. What's happened so far? The government will basically run out of money sometime on or after October 17th, 2013.  The GOP is couldn't even get their people in line for a vote on Tuesday evening [...]

You knew it was going to happen. The government shut down this past Tuesday, October 2nd, and Saturday Night Live SNL would be broadcasting soon after in a couple of days. You also knew the writers of SNL were planning a parody skit on the government shutdown, this was as sure as death and taxes. [...]