Top 5 Workout Videos Pinterest Pinboards


Pinterest is now expanding their reach into the world of videos.  Pictures are great in their own right, but videos can offer a lot more of an experience, especially for those looking for tutorials such as exercise or workout videos. More and more Pinterest video pinboards are popping up dedicated to things common to many [...]

healthy-kids-pizza recipes

Getting younger children to eat healthy at home is always a challenge. Kids today eat a lot of meals with a ton of carbohydrates and protein, but are light on vegetables, fruit and more healthier protein. This is can be a problem or habit that could be hard to break as children grow into young [...]


Seniors are embracing the Internet and social media like never before, and this is good news. Studies are showing that seniors actively participating in some form of social engagement and networking online are reaping positive health benefits. For one, these studies (one recently from the American Psychological Association) show a beneficial impact on both physical and [...]

breakfast bears

We all know how hard it is to get our kids to eat healthy foods.  I’ve collected a great group of Pinterest Pinboards dealing with snacks your kids will eat.  They are a great blend of fun, healthy snacks put together by some pretty creative parents.  You’ll love the colorful, cute and enticing goodies that [...]

Approved Medical Alarm System Houston

  Top 5 Medical Alert System Companies Twitter Account Pages Read More Here on the Medical Alert Systems Blog MedicalAlert.System   1. @BayAlarmMedical: this is the Twitter page for one of the top-rated Medical Alert System companies in the country, Bay Alarm Medical. @BayAlarmMedical has over 2,400 tweets and over 4,400 followers to date. @BayAlarmMedical tweets [...]

The number of weight loss ideas, lose weight fast programs, exercise plans and diets listed within these top 10 Pinterest pinboards can seem overwhelming. There are literally thousands of weight loss ideas and tips featured here which can be implemented immediately. Remember to use good judgement when looking through these weight loss and diet plan [...]

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or Obamacare as its known is already underway with people securing coverage for all kinds of plans to choose from. What you need are real time updates with breaking news from HealtCareGov including types of plan coverages, how to sign up, where to sign up, what types of [...]

The Supreme Court will announce sometime this week an important ruling on the constitutionality of Obama's health care bill. At the crux of the debate is whether or not a provision in the bill violates the Constitution. This provision mandates that every American who meets the criteria buy some form of health insurance or face strict fines and penalties.   [...]