A possible connection between heavy cell phone use and cancer is the hot topic trending right now on Twitter and hashtags related to this news are on fire today. And rightfully so. This report is getting so much attention from people because we all practically use a cell phone. And use them a lot.  In [...]

Tweet what you eat On Twitter

Everyone needs to lose 5 to 10 pounds here or there and there are many weight loss systems to choose from that may or may not work for you.  Whatever system or program you use it does not effect how a great little twitter weight loss tracker program I recently discovered works.  Can you believe you can [...]

Have A Condition? Follow Twitterhealthfeeds Now!

Ever wonder where you can get the latest up to the minute news tweets related to a specific health condition you, a family member or friend might have. Well  the medicalnewstoday/twitterhealthfeeds link has collected a list of conditions that have small to huge followings on Twitter. The site has many benefits for followers of all types and [...]