When I think of the idea "hobbies," I think of being productive and doing something important and helpful.  I think of charitable works and community service and helping others.  Although hobbies are meant to make a person feel relaxed and calm and content, their resulting effect on others is what adds to the joy and [...]


Stenciling a carpet, rug or floor can be just the thing to liven up your home or patio!  It's simple to do for the DIYers, and, in some instances, you can hire a local artist if you want to take it to the next level.  Stenciling appeals to all kinds of folks because it deals [...]

Top 5 Santa Collection Pinterest Pinboards

Santa collectible Pinterest

Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas:  whatever name, a general image of this Christmas figure comes to mind.  But, after seeing the pins in these Top 5 Santa Collection Pinterest Pinboards, you will be surprised to find that artists have taken this idea of what Santa looks like to the limits and have created some [...]

turkey color by numbers Pinterest

One of the major holidays of the holiday season is Thanksgiving.  It is a terrific time to teach children to think about what they are grateful for through crafts and activities.  Either at home or at school there are many teachable moments. These Top 5  Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities Pinboards offer fantastic selections for you [...]

Top 5 Journals Pinterest Pinboards

journals Pinterest

I love journals!  As a writer, that makes sense.  I like the journals that are hard-back and have beautiful and colorful covers, with designs or images.  I like lined pages, and a pretty ribbon bookmark that is sewn into the book.  I love simply writing.  I'm not a visual artist, so I don't really do [...]

girl kneeling in the snow cross stitch 1

What a fantastic undertaking cross stitching is!  Such creations are born from hard-working hands.  I have gathered here a lovely collection of Cross Stitching Ideas Pinterest Pinboards for your perusal.  The pictures within these pinboards are fine examples of cross stitching patterns you can choose from and master yourself.  Please take a look at what [...]

Sewing Machine And Fabric

How fabulous it is to be able to sew your own items.  Knowing this, the following Pinterest Pinboards dealing with sewing patterns and projects have been gathered to offer you superb ideas and tips for sewing, and provides many patterns for you to follow and projects for you to consider.  There are many instructions and [...]

With Valentine's Day just around the corner many people will be looking for free Valentine hearts cut outs, printables and other arts and crafts ideas. This task can be accomplished relatively easily by using Pinterest. The following 5 Pinterest pinboards below feature plenty of visuals of free Valentine heart paper cut outs, blank template printables, [...]