Activity Directors just seem to be the type of person that know how to plan events and activities and games and just have fun! And they work all over, not just retirement live-in communities, but at adult day cares, public community centers, rehab hospitals/centers, and so forth. And I know they work with all age [...]

healthy-kids-pizza recipes

Getting younger children to eat healthy at home is always a challenge. Kids today eat a lot of meals with a ton of carbohydrates and protein, but are light on vegetables, fruit and more healthier protein. This is can be a problem or habit that could be hard to break as children grow into young [...]


Have you ever counted the steps while you were going up and down your stairs?  Or, maybe you know exactly on which step your stairs creak. This is how I know that there are 15 steps in our staircase and where not to step to avoid a creak.  I know there must be more folks [...]


Looking to move into a new home? Are you looking to move on a budget? If so, check out these Pinterest pinboards with Tips for Moving to a new home. There are lots of great ideas featured here including tips an tricks, moving on a budget, unpacking ideas, and attention to other moving day preparation [...]


For those of you DIY-ers who are thinking of staging your house in order to sell it, you've come to the right place!  Collected here are the Top 3 Staging Your House To Sell Pinterest Pinboards which offer superb advice, hints and tips, fantastic suggestions, and how-to's that really deliver! These pinboards are filled with [...]


Making your own cleaner solution is an amazing thing. Most DIY homemade cleaners are made from just ordinary household products, food, and many natural substances. Most are safe for the environment, non-toxic, chemical fee and eco-friendly. Many are also cheaper to make than purchasing the more commercialized store-bought versions. Pinterest is a great website to [...]

Pinterest Nutcracker party

The following Top 5 Nutcracker Inspired Parties and Teas Pinterest Pinboards are sure to bring out your inner ballerina, and if you can't have your own party or tea, you'll rush to throw your daughter's Nutcracker inspired party right away!  Take a look at the fabulous pins on these boards. They feature wonderful examples of [...]

Christmas card album

One of the greatest joys of Christmas time is receiving in the mail Christmas cards from family and friends. The excitement and happiness in receiving these cards can soon turn into frustration as cards start to pile up on the kitchen or coffee table over the days and weeks leading up to Christmas. And when [...]