Top 5 Pinterest Christmas Lights Pinboards

Pinterest Christmas Lights

Putting up Christmas lights around the home is an annual tradition for many people around the world. For many of us the final product is a joy to see; however, the hard work and thinking involved in putting up the lights can sometimes be an unwelcome chore. Don't let that dissuade you from thinking creatively [...]

Christmas gift toppers Pinterest

Some people shy away from wrapping Christmas gifts.  But, what they don't know is that Christmas gift wrapping is an art that can bring people pure joy, both the ones doing the wrapping, and the lucky ones receiving the gorgeous Christmas gifts. For those who love spending special time wrapping their Christmas gifts for all [...]

stocking stuffer Pinterest

The Holidays are here, when the spirit of giving comes upon us.  In addition to the more elaborate shopping that occurs, one of the fun aspects of Christmas gift giving is buying or making the stocking stuffers! Whether you enjoy putting in hours of creative time to make special, homemade gifts for your loved ones, [...]

Yoda gift idea

This is a great time to shop for the Sci-Fi Fan in your life because of all the excellent things being offered on the Internet, particularly on Pinterest!  I have searched through pinboards for Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Star Trek gifts and gadgets, and have found the Top 6 Gift Ideas for Sci-Fi Fans [...]

Top 5 Basement Ideas Pinterest Pinboards

man cave ideas Pinterest

Oh, the selections for these Top 5 Basement Ideas Pinterest Pinboards are going to blow you away! They offer so many innovative and creative ideas for your basement, finished and unfinished. They offer suggestions for floors, ceilings, and stairs.  They give you a variety of ideas to convert the basement into: living area, rec room, [...]

Top 5 Kitchen Ideas Pinterest Pinboards

Kitchen remodeling ideas Pinterest

Kitchens, one could argue, are the true "Family Room".  Kitchens have all the life of the house with people cooking, hovering, baking, talking, laughing, eating,  and they contain all those wonderful aromas that promise life-giving sustenance.  All ages are welcome, and it is here where heartfelt stories are told, secrets are shared, and tales of [...]

Top 5 Bathroom Decor Ideas Pinterest Pinboards

Bathroom decor Pinterest

People's bathrooms are decorated in a very personalized way.  Some people decorate in a rustic way, some in a vintage way, others in a modern or contemporary way, to name just a few styles. Many people want a floral look while others want a more spa-like feel.  There are a number of common components to [...]

Pinterest Foyer Ideas

I've always been at a loss when it comes to decorating our foyer.  I know it can look fabulous, but I want to get ideas from the experts.  That is why I have gathered together these Top 5 Ideas for the Foyer or Entryway Pinterest Pinboards.  They'll help all of us who are struggling to [...]