healthy-kids-pizza recipes

Getting younger children to eat healthy at home is always a challenge. Kids today eat a lot of meals with a ton of carbohydrates and protein, but are light on vegetables, fruit and more healthier protein. This is can be a problem or habit that could be hard to break as children grow into young [...]

Pinterest MLK activity

The following Top 5 Pinterest Martin Luther King Jr. Day Crafts and Activities Pinboards prove that there is a plethora of information, ideas, lessons and activities to help teachers and parents educate children about Martin Luther King Jr!  The lessons in these pinboards teach diversity, peace, acceptance and love, all ideas put forth by Dr. [...]

Pinterest Nutcracker party

The following Top 5 Nutcracker Inspired Parties and Teas Pinterest Pinboards are sure to bring out your inner ballerina, and if you can't have your own party or tea, you'll rush to throw your daughter's Nutcracker inspired party right away!  Take a look at the fabulous pins on these boards. They feature wonderful examples of [...]

Top 3 Pinterest Santa Letter Idea Pinboards

Dear Santa letter printable

Writing letters to Santa is a century old tradition in many countries. Children all over the world participate in this activity hoping to get their Christmas wish list finalized and mailed to Santa Claus just in time for Christmas. Many children also like to remind Santa in their letters about how they've been "nice" and [...]

reindeer ring toss

For many kids experiencing a wonderful school Christmas party is a sure way to start the holidays off right. Children of all ages love a good classroom party and, luckily, many school districts designate one day before Christmas break to have it. Teachers know that a good Christmas party can be one of the fondest [...]

Top 20 Pinterest Thanksgiving Word Searches

Pinterest Thanksgiving word search

Kids love doing word searches. especially holiday word searches. Finding those familiar and sometimes unfamiliar words associated with the Thanksgiving holiday is a great way to entertain students during those several down days before school releases for the holidays. It's rare to see a kid turn down a good word search. But if you're a [...]

chores chart Pinterest

Our son is at that age where we want to teach him responsibility, like doing chores, maybe getting an allowance and learning how to save it.  I did my research and found the Top 5 Teaching Kids Responsibility Pinterest Pinboards.  These boards are a delight because they start out with the basics with philosophies and [...]

Back to School organizer Pinterest

Top 5 Get Through the School Year Organization Pinterest Pinboards   Whether school is about to start or whether the year is in full swing, sometimes you just need a little help getting through the school year.  When you're through perusing these Top 5 Get Through The School Year Organization Pinterest Pinboards, you'll feel like [...]