The Force Awakens social media

Star Wars VII The Force Awakens premieres on December 18th, 2015.  Be prepared to follow all the latest real time Twitter tweets and hashtags from die hard Star Wars movie going fans alike from across the globe. Follow the #theforceawakens hashtag-The Force Awakens Tag-on Twitter and other popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, [...]

Top 5 Star Wars VII Twitter Accounts

Star Wars 7 is finally in the works and filming has started as of the date of this post (August 13th, 2014). The early filming gossip and news coming out of the studios centers around the broken leg injury to Harrison Ford who is reprising his role as Han Solo and the subsequent delay in [...]

Robin Williams Twitter Official

The passing of Robin Williams comes as a shock to many people around the world. A man so vibrant, zany, creative, manic and full of life has suddenly been silenced. However, his lasting personal contributions and legendary comedic, theater and film repertoire will endure for generations to come. Many people are flocking to Twitter to get [...]

2014 Oscars

The 2014  86th Annual The Oscars Academy Award Ceremony starts tonight March 2nd, 2014. What time does the 2014 Oscars Academy Award Ceremony show start or begin?   This years 2014 Oscars Academy Award show ceremony actually starts at 8:30 p.m. ET in the United States. The 8:30 p.m. EST zone starting time is the actual [...]

Legendary actor Peter O' Toole died today, Saturday December 15th 2013, at age 81. Twitter reacts swiftly with tweets pouring in for the actor with many memories of past performances including the all time classic Oscar nominated performance as T.E.Lawrence in Lawrence of Arabia in 1962. Follow more hashtag news at HashtagGuide   Other performance roles people are [...]

Ender's Game the movie has finally arrived. Based on one of the most popular science fiction novels ever by Orson Scott Card Ender's Game tells the story of an alien race of insect like creatures called Formics, Buggers in the novel,  whose relentless and successful invasion of the planet Earth causes a change in military [...]

Gravity the movie, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, is already getting rave reviews. If you've seen this movie especially in 3D or IMAX then you probably were impressed by the realistic presentation of space and the high quality breakthrough visuals envisioned and superbly rendered suspenseful by director Alfonso Cuaron. The movie has already broken box [...]

There is a new version of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet coming to theaters on October 11th, 2013.  It stars Douglas Booth as Romeo and Hailee Steinfeld as Juliet, and is directed by Carlo Carlei. One thing of note about this latest version brings up the notion of the transformation that can happen when adapting [...]