As people all over the country try to process another senseless and tragic mass shooting today at the Umpqua Community College in Oregon social media continues to be the place to find the latest information in real time live tweets, photos and videos that include reports from people at the scene, information about the shooter, [...]

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A popular and high traffic cafe in the interior of Sydney, Australia is currently under siege by what is believed to be a person or person(s) who might be characterized as Islamic State sympathizer(s).  It is still too early to make any confirmations on this stance; however, there are some possible incriminating signs that the [...]

Top 10 Drone Twitter Accounts

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Are you into drones? If you are, you're not alone. Many people these days are talking about them and for good reason. The future seems ripe for drones and all the buzz surrounding their growth and use. Continuing with this line of questioning, are you looking for a place to follow the latest drone news [...]

Prayers are going out across the world and social networks with Claire Davis tweets on Twitter this weekend and week ahead as she is fighting for her life after being critically wounded in Friday's shooting at a school in Colorado.   #Prayers   Follow the hashtag tag #prayers on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, GooglePlus, Pinterest, Instagram, [...]

Follow this story on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus now with these popular hashtags: #UT #Longhorns   It had been rumored for days that Mack Brown had decided to call it quits and step down as the head coach of the University of Texas Longhorns. The rumor has now turned into a hard fact for [...]

This is the kind of story many of us feared of hearing one day. A person dressed in black leather type gear walks into Garden State Plaza Mall in New Jersey with an assault rifle of some kind and is reported to have fired shots. This story is being reported on Twitter right now at [...]

This is the question we are all wanting to know as the House and Senate continue to antagonize each other to the point of a stalemate. Both the House and Senate refuse to compromise over the main sticking point of the GOP, Obamacare. After what has transpired over the weekend a government shutdown is almost [...]

2013 U.S. Government Shutdown Hashtags

The U.S. Government is play acting again as the line "to fund or not to fund, that is the question" is uttered to the American masses. But the play is not the seventeenth century Shakespearean Hamlet but a modern work entitled "Obamacare, consisting of Acts 1 and 2." Act 1 already passed a while back, now [...]