Pinterest engagment ring

The most amusing engagement ring story has to be my friend's.  It just so happened that her engagement coincided with the first time she had ever gotten her nails done at the salon.  In her joy of getting engaged, she went straight to her Mom's to tell her the news.  Excitedly she held out her [...]

African wedding Pinterest

Getting married is a universal concept.  People get married all over the world.  There are many similarities, but as we shall see in the following post, there are also many slight variations on a theme, and some quite distinct aspects of weddings celebrated throughout the world!  I have collected here the Top 10 Weddings Inspired [...]

Indian wedding Pinterest

This post deals with the wedding ceremonies of the "Big 5" religions of the world: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hindu, and Buddhist.  This was a rewarding post to write because I got to explore the similarities and differences between the wedding ceremonies of the various religions. Just like weddings from different countries, weddings from different religions [...]

The Christmas Holidays are a special time, and because of this, many people decide to have their weddings around this time, so that it will coincide with the festive atmosphere of Christmas and the cold, brisk sensations in the air at that winter time of the year. Often people incorporate holiday decorations into their wedding [...]

8 At Home Date Night Ideas

Whether you have date night once a week or once a month, here are my Top 5 Date Night Ideas Pinterest Pinboards to offer you numerous suggestions for that special time.  Have fun looking through these pinboards to find some creative examples of romantic and amusing date night ideas!    Top 5 Date Night Ideas [...]

mini engagement ring cake

In this article I have gathered together the Top Pinterest Pinboards for Bridal Showers And Bachelorette Parties.  These two events are two sides to the same coin.  With one, it is more flowery, elegant, and traditional.  With the other, it is more flashy, wild, and modern-day.  Nevertheless, both make you feel like singing that song, [...]

Top 5 Pinterest Wedding Bouquet Ideas Pinboards

The wedding bouquet puts the finishing touch on the bride’s outfit.  It’s the necessary accent she needs to complete her look.  The bridal bouquet can be small and dainty or bold and brilliant.  And, breaking from tradition, the bouquet does not have to be floral; it can be crystals, feathers, or pearls.  A bride can [...]

Top 5 Pinterest Honeymoon Ideas Pinboards

Oh wow! The Honeymoon!  It can be breathtaking, romantic, unforgettable.  It should be just magical.  There are so many destinations to choose from: tropical, European, state-side.  It can be in a small and intimate location, or some exciting location in the middle of a bustling city.  It’s up to you what you want, what you’ve [...]