Top 3 Pinterest Angel Craft Ideas Pinboards

Pinterest angel crafts

Little children love doing angel crafts, especially around the holidays. The great thing about angel crafts is the simplicity of the concept and design. Kids have a good feel for the way an angel is suppose to look so working with them on an angel craft can be a calming experience. Pinterest is a great [...]

Robin's Nest Egg For Spring

Easter is a special time for people to celebrate.  There is the holy significance, and there is the festive springtime celebration.  It is a time for family and loved ones.  Here in this article I have brought you the Top Five Easter Ideas Pinterest Pinboards to help with lively activities, arts and crafts, and decorations.  [...]

diy egg candle holder

The Pinterest Pinboards collected here center around Easter Arts & Crafts.  They are a terrific place to go for wonderful ideas this Easter.  You’re sure to find something you like in these great Easter pinboards.  They are good for sharing with your younger family members eager to learn how to make an Easter craft.  I [...]

The Christian nativity scene makes its annual appearance in almost every Christian church around the world and in many Christian homes during the holiday season. In some cases the nativity scene is a year round decoration or display in many a home. Nativity scenes, collection sets, figures and creches also are represented in different ways [...]

Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement, begins in the evening on September 13 in 2013 as the most important holiday of the Jewish year.  This special time includes some of the following events: prayers in the synagogue, the opening of the Ark and the Sifrei Torah and the reciting of a holy cantor and prayer, morning services [...]

The new Pope was selected today and Twitter erupts with enthusiastic tweets. The white smoke made its appearance this afternoon which means that a new Pope was selected during the Conclave, Habenus Papam. Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the new Pope selection on March Wednesday, March 13th 2013. He will be known as Pope Francis, [...]

With Easter coming up this Spring I thought it was time to post something related to Mother Virgin Mary Facebook Covers. Mary has always been the immaculate. Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus in which the Virgin Mary was a witness. Her part in the resurrection of Jesus Christ cannot be overlooked. In fact [...]

With the Holy Week just around the corner, the celebration of Easter and the selection of a new Pope later this month I thought it would be appropriate to search the Internet and gather as many Church Facebook Cover Photos as I could find and list them here. I found some beautiful examples of architecture from different [...]