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How and Where Can I Buy Square SQ Stock?

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Square is one of the standout tech companies hitting the IPO market this week before Thanksgiving. Square is one of the original leaders in mobile payments and is need of cash to securely position itself in this industry as competitors are on the rise. How and where can you buy Square SQ Stock?  Unfortunately, IPO's [...]

While the actual sale of  Twitter stock to the public is still months away (this post was written in early October of 2013) there is still enough information being tweeted everyday about Twitter stock IPO hashtags on Twitter itself. Follow all the real time information before, during and after Twitter stock hits the stock market [...]

How, When and Where Can I Buy Twitter Stock?

*****Alert***** *****Update****  Twitter stock will be open to the public for the regular individual investor on Thursday, November 8th, 2013,  through almost any  brokerage firm.  Twitter's IPO will be tomorrow, November 7th, 2013, where most institutional investors, investment banks and underwriters like Goldman Sachs will carry out their order fills. The big players will go [...]

Today, May 18 2012,  marks the beginning of a new Facebook era. The maturation process of Facebook has evolved quite nicely up to this point, but it's now time to graduate from the kiddie pool so to speak.  What was once a quickly functioning start up company which ran out of several structures including a [...]

Facebook is now a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ exchange under the FB symbol. With one of the biggest technology stocks finally being listed and traded you can follow all the latest news regarding the IPO stock price and daily stock moves and quotes on Twitter. Below you will find some of the [...]

How and Where Can I Buy Facebook Stock?

With Facebook’s IPO looming just days away the average person including myself had been recently wondering if it was even remotely possible to get in on the ground floor of this company and purchase this stock when it is set to begin trading on the NASDAQ on May 18th, 2012. Most of the big underwriters have strict limits and [...]

With the recent S&P's downgrade of U.S. credit from triple A (AAA) status to double A plus (AA+) battered stocks in global markets and U.S. stock futures generally on a downward trend people are once again finding refuge and safety in gold. People are tweeting "should I invest in gold now?" Early Monday spot gold [...]

Standard and Poor's historic U.S. credit downgrade from triple A to double A plus status is already shaking up markets around the globe. This is a first ever downgrade in credit for the United States. Why did the S&P downgrade U.S. credit? S&P specifically cited fiscal irresponsibility in Congress and a practically unchanged debt to GDP [...]