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Looking to move into a new home? Are you looking to move on a budget? If so, check out these Pinterest pinboards with Tips for Moving to a new home. There are lots of great ideas featured here including tips an tricks, moving on a budget, unpacking ideas, and attention to other moving day preparation [...]

travel tips

We’re coming up on summer vacation; we can count the weeks.  And though summer is one of the most popular times for families to travel, all kinds of folks travel at all kinds of times.  To help with your travel plans, I have compiled  the Top 5 Travel And Packing Tips Pinterest Pinboards to provide [...]

I just recently starting messing around with Google's excellent Realtime Search to see how it catalogs old tweets and first tweets. It's pretty amazing. Here's a quick and simple tutorial on using Google's Realtime Search to find older and even first tweets. Getting started is easy. Go to google search and type in any topic [...]

If your thinking about integrating Twitter into your business plan your not alone. There are literally thousands and thousands of articles on the internet that can tell you how to optimize Twitter to maximize its potential in gaining customers and growing your business. Following Twitter feeds related to this topic is an easy and no-hassle [...]

Royal Wedding Popular Hashtags On Twitter

Royal Wedding Popular Hashtags On Twitter Some Twitter hashtag 101 For the Twitter pro the hashtag is a great way to help narrow your search return tweets to a more specific topic, theme or event.  Just as importantly, tweets will sometimes have small linear hashtag clouds embedded within them that can bind the related topics together [...]

8 Twitter Sites That Tweet Free Stuff

Free is a powerful word. We all would love to get things for free without too much stress. It's not always that easy though on the internet. Most free offers require you to sign up for promotional items, email newsletter offers or just a general registration. A collection of free tweets on a page could [...]

It definetly can be an interesting and curious investigation to go back and look at a person or company's first set of tweets 0r an entire archive of tweets. A collection of tweets might someday mean a lot more to someone or some group than just a long forgotten zip file or tweets stored on some hard drive.  In fact, some valuable information might be gleaned [...]

I've been noticing  the recent ascent of prices at my local grocery store and it's becoming somewhat alarming. I've never been one to use coupons on a consistent basis. For one thing, my local grocery store always gives me coupons for items I would never purchase or for cheaper, lower quality brands. I've seen a [...]