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Pinterest engagment ring

The most amusing engagement ring story has to be my friend's.  It just so happened that her engagement coincided with the first time she had ever gotten her nails done at the salon.  In her joy of getting engaged, she went straight to her Mom's to tell her the news.  Excitedly she held out her [...]

Top 10 Pinterest Maternity Clothes Pinboards

Pinterest Maternity Outfit

If you're searching for what to wear during your pregnancy, you've come to the right place!  I have gathered here together the coolest Top 10 Maternity Clothes Pinterest Pinboards to show you what's available out there, and to give you many, many ideas of what to wear.  You're going to love these pinboards, because they [...]

Top 10 Twitter Christmas Accounts

Christmas Twitter photos

Christmas is just around the corner and there's no better place to stay informed of the latest news and events related to Christmas than on Twitter. To help you better manage your social media during the hectic Christmas season I put together these top 10 Christmas Twitter accounts. These top 10 Christmas Twitter accounts tweet [...]

ghost in the back selfie

In the spirit of Halloween this season here are some popular Snapchat real ghost pics, photos and selfies that are making their way around many social media sites. Some look down right scary. Fake or not, you be the judge.    Top 10 Snapchat Real Ghost Pics, Photos and Selfies Picture # 1:  this hospital long [...]

African wedding Pinterest

Getting married is a universal concept.  People get married all over the world.  There are many similarities, but as we shall see in the following post, there are also many slight variations on a theme, and some quite distinct aspects of weddings celebrated throughout the world!  I have collected here the Top 10 Weddings Inspired [...]

LEGO theme bedroom

If you have a son or sons whose room you plan on decorating, you've come to the right place for ideas!  I have gathered together the Top 10 Boys Bedroom Themes and Ideas Pinterest Pinboards with the best ideas on a number of topics, from Cars and Airplanes, to Nautical and Pirate, to Space and [...]

girls room ideas on Pinterest

How does the song go?  "Thank Heaven for little girls!"  Girls can be so much fun to decorate for - especially their bedrooms!  Moms remember when they were little, and how they decorated their room.  Nowadays, we have some of the same themes from before, but there are also some new themes to choose from. [...]

Top 10 Drone Twitter Accounts

consumer drones

Are you into drones? If you are, you're not alone. Many people these days are talking about them and for good reason. The future seems ripe for drones and all the buzz surrounding their growth and use. Continuing with this line of questioning, are you looking for a place to follow the latest drone news [...]