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Top 20 Pinterest Thanksgiving Word Searches

Pinterest Thanksgiving word search

Kids love doing word searches. especially holiday word searches. Finding those familiar and sometimes unfamiliar words associated with the Thanksgiving holiday is a great way to entertain students during those several down days before school releases for the holidays. It's rare to see a kid turn down a good word search. But if you're a [...]

Have you ever considered swapping out your current Facebook Profile Picture with a classic scary costume Halloween mask profile picture to get in the spirit of Halloween? If you stumbled upon this post then perhaps you have already considered doing just this and thus have begun searching for a particular scary, bad guy or horror [...]

Dressing up for Halloween in spooky costumes and wearing scary masks was one of the most enjoyable activities experienced by many of us in our youth. Then we hit Junior High school and dressing up wasn't so cool anymore. We just grew out of it and opted to stay home to watch scary movies instead. [...]