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Romania new years tradition

With such an extraordinary event as welcoming in the new year every year, one would expect some pretty fascinating traditions to spring up.  As I have found in the following Top 3 Pinterest New Year's Traditions From Around The World, they indeed have: there are several very different traditions from around the world to usher [...]

Pinterest kinkade snow

Nobody captures the emotional warmth of Christmas time better in their artwork than Thomas Kinkade. Look at most any Thomas Kinkade masterwork and you will notice these similarities: a suburb artistic rendering of natural and man-made lighting along with contrasting elements of shadow (chiaroscuro) and either natural landscape settings or man-made structures like homes, cottages, chapels and [...]

Pinterest Christmas Tablescape

Christmas Tablescapes are as varied as the people who set them.  There are color patterns to choose, like silver and pink, aqua and teal, red and gold, red and green and white and gold, for example.  There are china patterns, either fancy name-brand china that has been in the family for years, or simpler styles [...]

Top 3 Pinterest Mistletoe Pinboards

kissing under mistletoe Pinterest

Mistleotoe:  What is the story behind the mistletoe traditions we celebrate?  Why do we kiss under the mistletoe?  Pinboard # 3 on these Top 3 Mistletoe Pinterest Pinboards can answer those questions! Pinboard # 2 will show you an array of couples kissing under the mistletoe - famous ones like Mickey & Minnie and Miss [...]

antique christmas tree stand

It's funny how artists can make even the simplest thing turn from something practical and useful to a gorgeous work of art one does not want to use for its intended purpose.  That's what happens here on these Top 3 Pinterest Christmas Tree Stand Ideas Pinboards. One pinboard presents very traditional, pragmatic down-to-earth Christmas tree [...]

unique Christmas light ideas

The holidays are here and the tradition of hanging Christmas lights is upon us. I've done several posts on Tweeting in regards to decorating the outside and inside of your home with bright, festive Christmas lights. (see below) In this post I wanted to feature Pinterest pinboards that showcase more unique and creative ways to [...]

Pinterest Christmas Skirt

The tree skirts in these Christmas Tree Skirt Ideas Pinterest Pinboard are excellent examples of what one would expect of a tree skirt. From store bought to hand-made, the tree skirts deliver. On these pinboards you can see ruffles, lace, quilted patterns. appliques,  stripes, polka dots, delicate white, vibrantly-colored, burlap, crocheted, and Christmas images like [...]

white elephant gift not included

The first time I played the White Elephant Gift Exchange game was at an office party when I was new to the workforce.  I was introduced to this Christmas party game by these usually professional and quiet folks.  By the end of the game these shy employees were howling with laughter and fighting viciously over [...]