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When I think of the idea "hobbies," I think of being productive and doing something important and helpful.  I think of charitable works and community service and helping others.  Although hobbies are meant to make a person feel relaxed and calm and content, their resulting effect on others is what adds to the joy and [...]

Christmas UK Pinterest

There is no doubt that Great Britain is rich in tradition while also being a reflection of modern beauty and grandeur.  One terrific time to see how  amazing these countries can be is during the Holidays. England, Scotland and Wales all have their own traditions even as they share the traditions celebrated throughout Great Britain. [...]

Whaley House Pinterest

Haunted houses and hotels are the scariest places on Earth. They come in many shapes and sizes. A few haunted houses and hotes are quite new, some are old, and some are really old, many places scattered in locations all around the globe. In all likely hood there probably is a haunted house or hotel [...]

princess themed bedroom

One of the favorite bedroom themes for little girls is the Princess Theme.  You can't really blame the little girls for wanting such a room.  The rooms are so dainty and frilly and usually, but not always, pink.  They can have castle or carriage beds, extravagant wall murals, and fancy and flashy lighting and decor. [...]

mother no one can take her place

For Mother’s Day, I have compiled the following Top 4 Mother’s Day Special Words and Quotes Pinterest Pinboards.  This could mean advice from Mother to son or daughter, Mother’s realizations about being a Mom, quotes and poems about motherhood or children, and the like.  See what you enjoy in these pinboards.  It should be a [...]

wagon flower display spring

When we think of spring, we think of green and colorful flowers and sunshine and even fragrant rain.  So what is the best way to capture all these hues and scents into decorations for our homes?  Well, start with the fine Spring Decorating Ideas Pinterest Pinboards assembled here to help you with your decorating ideas.  [...]

pineapple sauce for ham easter

Easter dinner is a magical time for all.  You get to be with your family and loved ones, and you get to celebrate a special holiday.  Plus, you get to show off your cooking skills with new dishes and with tried and true dishes.  I have collected the Top 4 Easter Dinner Pinterest Pinboards for [...]

4 Top Daily Horoscope Twitter Accounts

Knowing your daily horoscope and having it tweeted to your Twitter account has never been easier. Here are 4 Top  Twitter accounts that tweet your daily horoscope. 1. @TweeterScopes: this is the official Twitter account of with over 14,000 followers and almost 30,000 tweets to date.  Tweets astrology horoscopes daily and hourly. This is a great [...]