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The Force Awakens Party Pack

When I first saw Star Wars A New Hope I was about six years old.  Like most of us, I grew up on Star Wars, including all the toys and merchandising.  Now, my eight-year-old son is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Star Wars 7 The Force Awakens. In addition to a plethora of Star Wars [...]

Lenox Dinnerware Pinterest

There's a happy conundrum in having exquisitely gorgeous china.  On the one hand it is so breathtaking that it is a work of art that you wouldn't dream of setting one speck of food on.  On the other hand it is so beautiful that it is the only set you would deign to eat off [...]

Top 5 Pinterest Snow Globe Pinboards

snowman snow globe

Kids and adults alike are fascinated with snow globes. They enjoy holding and shaking them to watch a magical snow scene in which glittery golden-white specks float and swirl around in a clear liquid under a small, transparent, domed glass sphere. If you are one of those happy folks who loves making or collecting snow [...]

winter landscape

Every season has its own unique look.  Autumn havs golds and oranges, Spring has sweet pastels, Summer has bright colors of grass and flowers, or even the blues and whites of the ocean.  Winter has a special look  graced with the vivid white of the snow and ice. But, you will come to see in [...]

Top 3 Pinterest Secret Santa Ideas Pinboards

Pinterest Secret Santa

Everybody loves Secret Santa! Family, coworkers and friends alike love participating in this spirited holiday gift exchange tradition. Secret Santa is conducted differently in many places and in many ways. While some of the basic principles are the same, the following factors determine each different set of rules: Who is in charge of setting the [...]

Top 5 Christmas Music Pinterest Pinboards

Christmas music playlist

When you stop and think about it, there is A LOT of music out there for Christmas.  Many artists of all kinds of genres have recorded Christmas music throughout the years.  In the following Top 5 Christmas Music Pinterest Pinboards collected here,  you can find a huge selection of the best Christmas songs ever!   [...]

Pinterest handmade Christmas gifts

Kids and parents alike enjoy making homemade Christmas gifts. Let's face it, a DIY homemade gift is a lot more personal and heartfelt than just a regular store bought gift.  Not only do these gifts bring happiness to the ones who receive them, but, because they are lovingly home-made, giving people these specially crafted gifts [...]

Top 5 Pinterest Christmas Gift Ideas Pinboards

gifts for her

Pinterest is a great place to look for Christmas gift ideas.  I've selected my top 5 Pinterest Christmas gift idea pinboards, each showcasing a variety of affordable gifts, both bought and handmade. Here is a list highlighting several popular categories of Christmas gift ideas on these pinboards: Homemade DIY Gift Ideas Personalized Gift Baskets Hodgepodge [...]