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As people all over the country try to process another senseless and tragic mass shooting today at the Umpqua Community College in Oregon social media continues to be the place to find the latest information in real time live tweets, photos and videos that include reports from people at the scene, information about the shooter, [...]

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A popular and high traffic cafe in the interior of Sydney, Australia is currently under siege by what is believed to be a person or person(s) who might be characterized as Islamic State sympathizer(s).  It is still too early to make any confirmations on this stance; however, there are some possible incriminating signs that the [...]

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In a sort of parody of the "selfie" phenomenon Beats By Dre is promoting the seemingly redundant "Solo Selfie", #soloselfie hashtag. What's the difference between the selfie and the solo selfie you ask? Well, for one thing the Solo Selfie is a short video capture instead of a still picture. In an ironic twist the #soloselfie [...]

The anticipated Ferguson Grand Jury decision was finally announced today and Twitter reacts strongly with tweets and hashtags coming in by the seconds.  This is a highly volatile story and for many reasons. The Ferguson Grand Jury's decision was a difficult one as the jurors had to look over evidence of perceived contradicting sources. One [...]

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The passing of Robin Williams comes as a shock to many people around the world. A man so vibrant, zany, creative, manic and full of life has suddenly been silenced. However, his lasting personal contributions and legendary comedic, theater and film repertoire will endure for generations to come. Many people are flocking to Twitter to get [...]

Sharknado 2

It's been a year in the making as Sharknado 2 takes to the airwaves on Wednesday, July 30th 2014 on the Syfy channel. The original Sharknado was a perfectly created made for TV movie tailored made for Twitter and Sharknado hashtag buzz. In fact the name itself "Sharknado" is almost the perfect hashtag. You can [...]

Follow #UFC  UFC Hashtags Will Brock Lesnar come back to the UFC? The multi-talented Brock Lesnar, former UFC Heavyweight Champion, is trending on Twitter right now as possible rumors of his return to the UFC might be legit as a secret meeting in Las Vegas could be planned. Insiders have heard from several people that this [...]

  Follow Hashtags Now on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram----   #boycottduckdynasty  Boycott Duck Dynasty Tag Hashtag     #duckdynastyboycott Duck Dynasty Boycott Tag Hashtag   The Complete Official Duck Dynasty Social Networking Sites Hashtag Guide   The Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson controversy is just heating up. Here are the latest developments: A petition you can [...]