Robin Williams Twitter Official

The passing of Robin Williams comes as a shock to many people around the world. A man so vibrant, zany, creative, manic and full of life has suddenly been silenced. However, his lasting personal contributions and legendary comedic, theater and film repertoire will endure for generations to come. Many people are flocking to Twitter to get [...]

Sharknado 2

It's been a year in the making as Sharknado 2 takes to the airwaves on Wednesday, July 30th 2014 on the Syfy channel. The original Sharknado was a perfectly created made for TV movie tailored made for Twitter and Sharknado hashtag buzz. In fact the name itself "Sharknado" is almost the perfect hashtag. You can [...]

2014 Oscars

The 2014  86th Annual The Oscars Academy Award Ceremony starts tonight March 2nd, 2014. What time does the 2014 Oscars Academy Award Ceremony show start or begin?   This years 2014 Oscars Academy Award show ceremony actually starts at 8:30 p.m. ET in the United States. The 8:30 p.m. EST zone starting time is the actual [...]

Super Bowl 48 features the Denver Broncos vs the Seattle Seahawks in a clash between a legendary quarterback trying to solidify his stature as a top 5 all time quarterback against a flashback defense that reminds us of the Steeler's Steel Curtain and the Vikings Purple People Eaters. However, the real show could be the [...]

#duckdynasty   The suspense is finally over. A&E has reinstated Phil Robertson back into the Duck Dynasty show lifting his short-lived suspension for comments he made earlier regarding homosexuality and civil rights issues. While probably not a surprise to most A&E commented earlier today, December 27 2013, that one of the main reasons for the [...]

If anything controversial is associated with the hit TV series on AMC Duck Dynasty you can bet Twitter will be reacting heavily with Duck Dynasty tweets and hashtags plus Phil Robertson tweets and hashtags. So whats the deal with the Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson controversy and why is it trending? Basically, it went down [...]

The legendary Sound of Music is being revived once again with a whole new cast of characters. The lead role Maria Von Trapp is being played by renown American Idol winner country singer, songwriter and actress Carrie Underwood. The Sound of Music Live will be broadcast tonight, December 5th 2013,  beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET [...]

For those suffering from Breaking Bad withdrawals there is hope. Hope that comes in the form of walking, lifeless zombies. Season 4 of The Walking Dead premieres tonight, October 13th 2013, and Twitter is rampant with tweets about the show. What will happen next and what new characters will be introduced. You can find out [...]