Paris Terrorist Attack Hashtags on Twitter

Deadly widespread terror attacks occurred in Paris, France around late evening tonight, November 13, 2015.  The coordinated attacks were carried out simultaneously over several locations including the Bataclan theater, the Stade de France, and the Le Carillon french restaurant. Early reports coming in are indicating the casualties might exceed 150 people and increasing as news [...]

Top 10 Twitter Christmas Accounts

Christmas Twitter photos

Christmas is just around the corner and there's no better place to stay informed of the latest news and events related to Christmas than on Twitter. To help you better manage your social media during the hectic Christmas season I put together these top 10 Christmas Twitter accounts. These top 10 Christmas Twitter accounts tweet [...]

As people all over the country try to process another senseless and tragic mass shooting today at the Umpqua Community College in Oregon social media continues to be the place to find the latest information in real time live tweets, photos and videos that include reports from people at the scene, information about the shooter, [...]

The 2016 Presidential race is just heating up with front runner of the GOP Donald Trump making the rounds in New Hampshire this past week. Everyone knows this is going to be a contentious race played out on social media, especially in real time tweets on Twitter between the Trump and the other GOP candidates [...]

Chile Tsunami Earthquake Hashtags and Tweets

A large 8.3 magnitude in central Chile has triggered tsunami warnings across much of the Pacific coast. Waves as high as 3 meters could be expected along the coast of Chile. tsunami warnings have also been issued to places like Hawaii and New Zealand. This is a massive earthquake that could produce tsunami's that could [...]

The Force Awakens social media

Star Wars VII The Force Awakens premieres on December 18th, 2015.  Be prepared to follow all the latest real time Twitter tweets and hashtags from die hard Star Wars movie going fans alike from across the globe. Follow the #theforceawakens hashtag-The Force Awakens Tag-on Twitter and other popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, [...]

Lindt Twitter image

A popular and high traffic cafe in the interior of Sydney, Australia is currently under siege by what is believed to be a person or person(s) who might be characterized as Islamic State sympathizer(s).  It is still too early to make any confirmations on this stance; however, there are some possible incriminating signs that the [...]

Top 10 Drone Twitter Accounts

consumer drones

Are you into drones? If you are, you're not alone. Many people these days are talking about them and for good reason. The future seems ripe for drones and all the buzz surrounding their growth and use. Continuing with this line of questioning, are you looking for a place to follow the latest drone news [...]