Top 3 Beauty Tips Videos Pinterest Pinboards


Pinterest is not just a collection of images related to a certain topic, such as beauty.  The visually stimulating social media site is also promoting video concentrated pinboards. Beacause beauty is one of the more comprehensive topics enjoyed by millions of people on Pinterest it's no suprise there are more beauty video pinboards. There are [...]

Top 5 Workout Videos Pinterest Pinboards


Pinterest is now expanding their reach into the world of videos.  Pictures are great in their own right, but videos can offer a lot more of an experience, especially for those looking for tutorials such as exercise or workout videos. More and more Pinterest video pinboards are popping up dedicated to things common to many [...]

The whole Vine, Viners and Vining phenomenon has taken off in popularity as these short viral videos are being shared on many of the top social networking Internet sites and even TV for that matter, and rightfully so. Even Ellen Degeneres has gotten into the act promoting these videos with her "Vine after Vine Segment" on [...]

You knew it was going to happen. The government shut down this past Tuesday, October 2nd, and Saturday Night Live SNL would be broadcasting soon after in a couple of days. You also knew the writers of SNL were planning a parody skit on the government shutdown, this was as sure as death and taxes. [...]

Have you been wondering like me the following question: where can I find, play and watch Vine videos on the computer? As many of you know Vine is a mobile application by Twitter for smartphones and can be downloaded on the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). You can upload these videos straight to [...]

This is my first post related to Vine, the social micro media video sharing mobile app produced by Twitter.  While Vine has been around a while I never quite was able to locate regular "computer" websites where these popular short videos could be aggregated with relevant hashtags. Vine is at its core an app for [...]