Viral Videos

The whole Vine, Viners and Vining phenomenon has taken off in popularity as these short viral videos are being shared on many of the top social networking Internet sites and even TV for that matter, and rightfully so. Even Ellen Degeneres has gotten into the act promoting these videos with her "Vine after Vine Segment" on [...]

Have you been wondering like me the following question: where can I find, play and watch Vine videos on the computer? As many of you know Vine is a mobile application by Twitter for smartphones and can be downloaded on the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). You can upload these videos straight to [...]

Anthony Weiner's troubles in the New York City mayor race takes the spotlight today as he is found once again engaging in inappropriate conduct with a women who is not his wife. The popular boy band One Direction is celebrating three years of success. Amanda Bynes might need a mental evaluation after her recent conduct [...]

In less than 24 hours since a link to the World Premiere of Justin Bieber's new video "As Long As You Love Me" was posted on his Twitter account Bieber has racked up almost 3 million views on YouTube. If you're wondering where can you watch or see the new Justin Bieber "As Long As You Love [...]

This original authentic Youtube video of the Aurora Colorado theater shooting incident has gone viral and seems to be shot by a person at the scene who remains within the general vicinity of one of the theater's entrance or exit doors while rolling video on a mobile phone. The person is moving the camera from left to [...]

Facebook is ushering in a whole new world of social sharing apps that are easily integrated into the new Timeline.  This post will concentrate on two popular video sharing apps called Viddy and Socialcam. Both apps are riding on the success of the picture sharing applications such as Instagram. With recent celebrities like Justin Bieber endorsing [...]

I've been following the Rebecca Black phenomenon since the beginning with the successful launch and spread of her viral video "Friday" (the Friday video has since been removed from YouTube citing a battle over copyright issues). I've even wrote several posts about her sudden rise to fame. And yes, some of these included parodies.  Well, [...]

I knew it was a matter of time before he'd give it a try. Justin Bieber riding off the success of his planking whale picture decided to jump in once again and try another one of those crazy fads going around. Was it owling? Where you contort your body into some sort of owl perched [...]