The whole Vine, Viners and Vining phenomenon has taken off in popularity as these short viral videos are being shared on many of the top social networking Internet sites and even TV for that matter, and rightfully so. Even Ellen Degeneres has gotten into the act promoting these videos with her "Vine after Vine Segment" on [...]

Today's Roswell UFO anniversary game is entertaining and plays smoothly. In fact, there isn't really a lot of frustrating parts to the short but clever interactive point and click Google search logo game. I love Google Doodles. So much so that I've written over 20 posts on them. You can click on the Google Doodle [...]

In this first extensive Google Doodle point and click interactive game in a long while the searcher/player is presented with a challenge that may take more than the usual allocated time at work that people secretly set aside to mess around with these enticing Google search logo games. Today's interactive game pays tribute to the [...]

It's been quite a while since Google has impressed with an entertaining Google Doodle that sits above their search box. Today's Google Doodle finally satisfies a recent absence of interactive Doodles with a point and click game that pays tribute to UFO's and particularly the 66th Anniversary of the famous and still mysterious Roswell incident. [...]

Thousands of UFO sightings are reported every year in the United States and across the globe. While many of these strange lights in the sky can be attributed to everyday objects both natural and man made there are some small instances when they just can’t be explained. From the days of Roswell to the more [...]

One Year Countdown to the End of The World December 21, 2012 Follow the countdown on Twitter   The official Mayan calendar end of the world countdown has officially begun today. So what is the grand significance of today and the start of the countdown to doomsday and why the world is going to end in 2012.  Well, it [...]

So what's Charlie Sheen been up to lately. Earlier this year I wrote quite a few posts about him starting from his first tweet or Twitter debut all the way through his "Tigerblood" and "Winning" phase, to the ending of his role in the show Two and a Half Men, to his Torpedo of Truth [...]

The absurdity of planking is why it's so popular and the latest Justin Bieber whale planking photo confirms this once again. This could eventually make the Planking Hall of Fame. I'm sure many new visitors are probably wondering what does planking mean and why has it grown so popular on the internet? I mean if [...]