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Donald Trump is embarking on an extensive tour, appropriately labeled the "Thank You Tour 2016", around parts of the country to celebrate with his supporters his historic victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election. Trump's hinting at maintaining his high level of intensity in these celebratory rallies very akin to his pre-election ones. [...]

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Although many children are on Christmas vacation when New Year's rolls around, there are still many children in a learning environment, like pre-school, homeschool, babysitting and nannies, and, indeed, children on vacation can also write resolutions, reflections for the old year, goals, and even play games, make crafts, and do activities. All kids can benefit [...]

Paris Terrorist Attack Hashtags on Twitter

Deadly widespread terror attacks occurred in Paris, France around late evening tonight, November 13, 2015.  The coordinated attacks were carried out simultaneously over several locations including the Bataclan theater, the Stade de France, and the Le Carillon french restaurant. Early reports coming in are indicating the casualties might exceed 150 people and increasing as news [...]

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The Syrian civil war has plunged the region into a humanitarian crisis on a grand scale. Millions of people have been displaced seeking refuge and a better life in neighboring Middle Eastern countries, Europe and other more distant countries. This massive movement of refugees has put enormous pressure on these countries to help sustain the [...]

Chile Tsunami Earthquake Hashtags and Tweets

A large 8.3 magnitude in central Chile has triggered tsunami warnings across much of the Pacific coast. Waves as high as 3 meters could be expected along the coast of Chile. tsunami warnings have also been issued to places like Hawaii and New Zealand. This is a massive earthquake that could produce tsunami's that could [...]

The official international Russia Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics website  (this is the English version) will be the main hub/directory for this years 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. The site can be translated into many languages and has all the important links you need. The Sochi 2014 website's official verified Twitter website is tagging their tweets with this [...]

There are several ways you can get the Sochi 2014 XXII Winter Olympic Games with instant up to second medal count standings for all countries. When it comes to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics many of us want to follow up to date 2014 Winter Olympic medal count or standings on a daily basis and check [...]

#justinbieber   #believemovie   #beliebers   #bieber   #mybeliebers   #bieberfans   #bieberfever   #ourjustin What's this? Justin Bieber's Believe Movie opened at theaters on Christmas Day, but tweets about retiring all in the same time period? Are you a little confused at this point? First let me comment on the part about Justin Bieber [...]