Celebrities Tweeting In The News Include Frank Ocean, Ireland Baldwin, Cris Rock and The United States

With the conclusion of the 4th of July celebration and the days surrounding it some interesting tweets were coming out of Twitter that need to be addressed. Here are 4 stories related to famous tweets and Twitter events over the past couple of days.

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Frank Ocean Comes Out Tweet on Twitter 

R & B singer Frank Ocean tweets a link detailing his love for a man on a photo of a  text file on Tumblr . Another coming out tweet that’s getting a lot of attention today.

@frank_ocean: this is the verified Twitter account of Frank Ocean with over 943,000 followers and 6,500 tweets. Here’s his tweet tweeted on July 4th, 2012 below:

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Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Ireland’s Media Tweet

The Alec Baldwin Twitter Saga continues with this latest twist. It seems Alec Baldwin has moved his tweeting act over to his Foundation Twitter account after he cancelled for the second time his personal account.  All of this right after he just got married. His daughter Ireland tweeted a quick criticism of the media with a follow up supportive tweet of by Alec Baldwin. Here are the tweets in question below:


@IrelandBBaldwin: the official Twitter account of Ireland Baldwin with over 12, 200 followers and 6,100 tweets to date. Here is Ireland’s media tweet:

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@ABFalecbaldwin: the official Alec Baldwin Foundation Twitter account with over 934,000 followers and 7,700 tweets to date. Alec Baldwin is tweeting from the Foundation account now. Here is Baldwin’s follow up Grasshopper tweet to Ireland’s media lying a lot:


Chris Rock’s 4th of July Independence Day Tweet


Chris Rock lets it loose with a tweet of his own on July 4th, 2012. What did Rock tweet?  Something like this: “Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks”.

@chrisrock: the official verified Twitter account of Chris Rock with over 862,000 followers. Here is Chris Rock’s actual 4th of July Independence Day Tweet from his Twitter account:


The United States Leads all Countries Tweeting


So which country posts the most tweets? Oxford University researchers completed a study wanting to basically see which places and countries are tweeting the most and leaving the most tweets. The United States takes up 30% of all tweets with Brazil a nice second with 22% of all tweets.

Have any comments on any of these stories? If you do please feel free to leave them below in the comment box.