Charlie Brown Holidays Pinterest Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas Pin Boards

Charlie Brown is synonymous with these big 3 holidays in the United States: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Every year one of the major TV networks broadcasts one of these holiday specials to millions of viewers, usually a week or two before the actual holiday date.

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It is no wonder people enamored with the characters and themes of these shows have collected many famous images and placed them as pins on their own Pinterest boards.

Below I found 3 Pinterest boards that are great examples of images from each on these TV show specials. Many of your classic images are represented here including Snoopy rising from the pumpkin patch, the Charlie Brown gang singing Christmas carols and Snoopy and Woodstock dressed up as Thanksgiving pilgrims.  Enjoy and happy holidays.


 A Charlie Brown Halloween “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” Pinterest Images here are around 30 of your classic Charlie Brown Halloween show “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”  images on this board including these classics: the Great Pumpkin, I got a rock, Snoopy and Linus, Charlie Brown and the gang trick or treating, Linus waiting in the pumpkin patch, Snoopy rises from the pumpkin patch, the Halloween dance party, and Sally Linus and Snoopy in the pumpkin patch.

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A Charlie Brown Christmas Pinterest Images a board dedicated to the spirit of a Charlie Brown Christmas. Some images you will find on this board include the iconic “skating” scene, Charlie Brown and Snoopy hovering over the small Christmas tree, the Charlie Brown gang singing Christmas Carols scene, Snoopy decorating his dog house, Charlie Brown placing the ornament that warps his small Christmas tree, a starry midnight, Schroeder playing his beloved Beethoven, Linus in the snow, Linus on stage the meaning of Christmas, and Linus and Charlie Brown discussing the purpose of Christmas on a snowy wall. All classics. here is a nice Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Pinterest board with around 30 pins of Snoopy and the gang celebrating some Thanksgiving turkey. There is the Snoopy and Woodstock pilgrim photo, the Snoopy preparing for Thanksgiving, Snoopy and Woodstock pulling the turkey wishbone, and more.



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