Charlie Sheen Reactivates His Twitter Account And Starts Tweeting Again

You knew he wouldn’t stay away for ever. Well, stay away from Twitter that is. Charlie Sheen made a reappearance on Twitter reactivating his deactivated account and posting his first tweet since July 13th, 2012. When did Sheen reopen his Twitter account?  Sheen posts his first tweet in a month on August 14th, 2012.

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What was Charlie Sheen’s first tweet since coming back to Twitter?  Well, a promotional one of course. Charlie Sheen tweets that his pop will be making a special appearance on Thursday night on his new show Anger Management.


Sheen returns to Twitter after about a month hiatus. This really is not a surprise considering just a year and half ago Sheen captured the imagination of die hard tweeters everywhere with his creative and popular catchphrases and sayings which found their way into people’s daily tweets.

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Popular sayings like winning, tiger blood, and torpedo of truth were all tagged in tweets as hashtags (#winning).  In fact winning and tiger blood were such popular expressions Sheen went on tour to promote his “winning” act and attempted to trademark his some of his popular catchphrases.

Charlie Sheen broke a Twitter record capturing a million followers in one day. His catchphrases and sayings were the stuff of Twitter legend lighting up tweet waves for months.

However, after several months his act begin to tire. People starting to see that Charlie Sheen might have been exhibiting some irrational behavior and grandiose thinking. Charlie himself started to shun Twitter somewhat as his catchphrases and sayings started to dwindle.

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As Sheen started to get his career and personal life in order his explosive personality that shined bright on Twitter for months started to diminish into a faint star over time. Perhaps a good thing for him, maybe not such a good thing for those anticipating his next clever string of words. Yes, the world giveth and taketh away.

Charlie Sheen somewhat alarmed his followers when he announced he was leaving Twitter this past July tweeting, “reach for the stars everyone. dogspeed cadre. c out”.  Now, here we are a month later and he’s back. Sheen is acknowledging his fans are important to him and deserve to be informed of his professional career.

Look for Sheen to post more laid back and less controversial tweets on his Twitter account now. You can follow Charlie Sheen on Twitter at his handle @charliesheen.


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