Charlie Sheen Tweets on Twitter Picture Holding Halloween Charlie Sheen Mask

So what’s Charlie Sheen been up to lately. Earlier this year I wrote quite a few posts about him starting from his first tweet or Twitter debut all the way through his “Tigerblood” and “Winning” phase, to the ending of his role in the show Two and a Half Men, to his Torpedo of Truth Tour and beyond.

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Charlie Sheen took to Twitter by storm setting the record for most followers in a 24 hour period and never looking back. So why am I coming back and revisiting him after a several month hiatus? Well, it may have something to do with Halloween and a mask.

It all started last March when Landon Meier showed off the first Charlie Sheen mask simply entitled “winner” at Mask-Fest.  Supposedly there was only 4 made and the quality is realistically surreal.  The fourth Charlie Sheen mask was part of a bidding frenzy on Ebay which just recently ended on October 17th fetching a price of  $5,600 dollars. 3 others are in private collections including one in the possession of Charlie Sheen himself.

Which brings me back to the Halloween and mask I referenced earlier. Earlier today Charlie Sheen tweeted this about his peculiar Halloween outfit:

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Charlie Sheen

@charliesheen Charlie Sheen

  • #sheenius Trick or Treat Cadre! Got my Halloween costume… All set! (yeah… This really confused the kids!!)

It looks like you finally can see Charlie Sheen tweeting a picture of…well…Charlie Sheen holding a Charlie Sheen mask. Kind of creepy, right?

Charlie Sheen's photo  #sheenius Trick or Treat Cadre! Got my Halloween costume... All set! (yeah... This really confused the kids!!)
Charlie Sheen on WhoSay

@CharlieSheen: this is the official verified Twitter account of Charlie Sheen with over 5,057,000 followers and almost 600 tweets to date. Always one of the more entertaining Twitter feeds to follow on a daily basis.


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