Charlie Sheen's Character Charlie Harper Will Die In A Subway Train Meat Explosion

Some details came out over this past weekend on how Charlie Harper, played by Charlie Sheen, will die off from the hit show Two and a Half Men. Many people had been wondering if his death would be a respectable one since the bitter war that was raged between Sheen and Chuck Lore. Well, now the guessing is most likely over. Sources close to the taping are revealing what everyone has been wondering: how will Charlie Sheen’s Charlie Harper die in the premiere episode of Two and a Half Men?

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Charlie Sheen meets and untimely death in what they are calling a “meat explosion” in the first episode of the season. Two and a Half Men will air this episode on September 19th. The meat explosion hashtag is now getting some tweets on Twitter and will soon pick up steam over the next couple of days as people are tweeting their thoughts and feelings about this type of death.

Sources at the taping of the show several days ago have outlined a sequence of events that will lead to Charlie Harper‘s demise.¬† The basic premise will unfold like this: Harper’s stalker neighbor Rose catches him in the shower with another women and the next day while waiting for a Paris subway Harper slips onto the rails and gets run over by a subway causing an enormous “meat explosion”. Of course we are to infer that he was pushed over onto the rails to meet his gruesome death. Producer Chuck Lore wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can imagine the visual imagery conjured up in people’s minds in regards to the “meat explosion” reference. The hashtag is starting to get some response on Twitter tonight. Here is a small sample of what people are tweeting about¬† Charlie Harper getting killed off in this manner:

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Follow all the latest tweets about Charlie Sheen’s subway death and the premiere of Two and a Half Men which airs on September 19th, 2011 by following these hashtags on Twitter:





@charliesheen: what will be Charlie Sheen’s reaction to the “meat explosion” death scene and funeral on the premiere of Two and a Half Men? Follow his Twitter account and see if he tweets a follow up about the details surrounding his character’s death.

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