Chris Harper Mercer Hashtag Tag on Twitter and Facebook

As people all over the country try to process another senseless and tragic mass shooting today at the Umpqua Community College in Oregon social media continues to be the place to find the latest information in real time live tweets, photos and videos that include reports from people at the scene, information about the shooter, new about the victims and injured, timeline of events, and other information that is sometimes slow to leak out in traditional media (TV networks primarily).

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What do we know so far about this story that involves a lone shooter identified as Chris Harper Mercer?

The shooting occurred inside two buildings and several classrooms, one of the buildings was reported to be the science building.  Law enforcement officers responded with gun fire killing the shooter. 10 people have been confirmed dead and 7 injured, with many in critical condition.  3 pistols and 1 rifle were recovered at the scene.

It is unknown at this time if Chris Harper Mercer had a Twitter or Facebook account. There are rumors on Twitter with tweets about his possible affiliation with Black Lives Matter. Religious motives for the shootings or religious background of the shooter has not been confirmed or any other possible association with hate organizations or terror groups. Any manifesto or note detailing the attack has not been found as of yet.

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chris harper mercer hashtag


One of the main trending hashtags on Twitter is the full name Chris Harper Mercer hashtag.

#chrisharpermercer – Follow the Chris Harper Mercer hashtag for top tweets on Twitter.

#chrisharpermercer– Follow the Chris Harper Mercer hashtag for live tweets on Twitter.

#chrisharpermercer– Follow the Chris Harper Mercer hashtag for photos on Twitter.

#chrisharpermercer– Follow the Chris Harper Mercer hashtag for videos on Twitter.



Other relevant hashtags on Twitter to follow for this story for live tweets:



#umpquashooting  -the shooting took place at Umpqua Community College in Oregon.


#oregon: the state of Oregon hashtag





#chrisharpermercer – Follow Chris Harper Mercer on Facebook