Collection of Dragon Facebook Cover Photo Timeline Free Downloads

In my thinking recent dragon movie and spin-off shows have brought the dragon into the forefront of pop culture in a really cool way.  There is a lot of variety and great names, and of course there is flying and fire-breathing, among other things.

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But let’s be honest… Dragons have been and always will be around.  Traditionally, the serpentine creatures fall into one of two branches: European and Chinese, with both evolving from serpent-like to lizard-like, with European developing wings.  But for all the similarities, it’s nice to see the many variations of all the countless dragons we have seen and continue to see in literature, art, movies, and animation.

Let’s face it: dragons rock, and they make awesome images.  So, I have pulled together some fantastic Dragon Facebook Covers Photos for you to display on your Timeline.  As always, enjoy!


Collection of Dragon Facebook Covers

1. covry: has an extensive inventory of Dragon Facebook Cover Photos of all types including fantasy, fire-breathing dragon Facebook Cover Photo, red dragon, blue, fighting, World of Warcraft, ice, beautiful black Chinese dragon, moon, “How to Train Your Dragon” movie, Chinese drawing, concept art, chained, sea dragon, forrest, and fighting with a warrior.

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2. fin6: has a nice variety of dragons including red dragons, fire-breathing, with unicorn,  dragon with warrior Facebook Cover Photo, on the mountain tops, purple haze and fiery blaze red with warrior with sword.

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3. covermyfb: this premium Facebook Cover website is loaded with Dragon Covers, dozens of them. Here are some featured standouts: battle, flight, skulls, dragon liar, sea, Japanese, lover, white, purple, miniature dragon, dogma, and storm. 


purple dragon Facebook Cover


4. myfreecover: has a nice page of colorful and captive Dragon Facebook Covers including little girls dragon, in space, fantasy waterfall, castle, and night ride. 

dragon in flight Facebook Cover


5. firstcovers: this Cover website has some nice dragon images scattered about each page. Scroll through carefully and you’ll find some examples of dragons in flight Facebook Covers.


red dragon Facebook Cover

6. legitcovers: has some nice Facebook Dragon Photos including Chinese, abstract, and red dragon Facebook Cover Photo ninja.


7. fcovers: this last website featured here has some unique and abstract Covers of dragons. Here are some featured ones: fire breathing Dragon Facebook Cover, blue dragon, women warrior, and slaying. 


Blue Dragon Timeline Cover

Bonus Dragon Cover Photo: 

Smaug Facebook Cover Photo from the Hobbit