Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl 48 Twitter, Tweets and Hashtags

Earlier today this January 19th, 2013, Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos routed the New England Patriots to earn a spot as the AFC champ in this year’s Superbowl 48. Then, later in the evening the Seattle Seahawks followed suit by earning their right to a seat at the Super Bowl table completing one of their trademark defensive stops, an interception on the last play of the game.

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So the stage is set for Super Bowl 48 in New Jersey. The Denver Broncos vs the Seattle Seahawks game will play out in 2 weeks on February 2, 2014 at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

With 2 weeks to let the moment sink in for fans and the media alike there is no better place to follow all the latest updates, player news, game expert analysis, daily images and videos, and lots more than on Twitter. Also, with cruel winter weather possibly being a factor for this year’s Super Bowl 48 you probably want to follow all the latest tweets in real time on Twitter.

The league has made special precautions just in case the weather turns for the worst since the game will be played in New Jersey. Yes, the game could be played on a Saturday or even postponed for another week if severe cold weather interferes.

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Follow the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks on Twitter for Super Bowl 48 right here on Tweeting.


#SB48 SB48 tag hashtag for Super Bowl 48


#broncosvsseahawks  hasthag


#DENvsSEA DENvsSEA tag hashtag


Denver Broncos Twitter Account Pages


@broncosbuzztap: the latest news about the Denver Broncos from with constant updates tweeted in hours and minutes. This is a must follow feed following the post game reaction to the Denver Broncos victory over the New England Patriots and their final contest against the NFC champs Seattle Seahawks in Superbowl 48 in New Jersey.

@PostBroncos: the official Twitter account for the Denver Broncos beat at the Post with  @mikeklis@bryan_boyle @NickGroke. This is a great Twitter feed for Denver Broncos fans everywhere  with over 40,000 followers to the date of this post. Tweets are coming in almost constantly with links to pre and post game analysis, player quotes and pre and post game analysis. For Superbowl 48 this Twitter page needs to be available for up to the minute Bronco reports.

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@PManning_News: a Twitter site following Peyton Manning from The legend continues. There is now doubt that a victory in Superbowl 48 will cement the legacy of Peyton Manning as one of the top 5 quarterbacks of all time.



@MileHighReport: a top rated Denver Broncos blog Twitter account with almost 18,000 followers to date. Tweets include links to the Mile High Report blog at SB Nation.

@johnelway: the official verified Twitter account of Broncos quarterback legend John Elway. Elway won’t tweet much during the Broncos run to Superbowl 48, but be prepared to get post Super Bowl 48 tweet reaction; especially if they beat the Seahawks.

@BroncoTalk: another Broncos blog Twitter page with tweets linked to Broncos blogger.

@PeytonManningFC:  I haven’t found an official verified Twitter account for Peyton Manning, one but I did manage to find this fan Twitter account page dedicated to the legendary quarterback.

@WesWelker: the official verified Twitter account for wide receiver Wes Welker.  Get daily tweets from the Welker account as he enjoys his trip to Superbowl 48.

@champbailey: the official verified Twitter account of Champ Bailey.

@EricDecker87: the official verified Twitter account of Eric Decker. Get lots of personal tweets from Decker as he prepares for Super Bowl 48.


Denver Broncos Related Twitter Hashtags


#peytonmanning  Peyton Manning hashtag







#gobroncos  fans of the Broncos are tweeting with this hashtag.








Seattle Seahawks Twitter Account Pages


@Seahawks: the official verified Twitter account of the Seattle Seahawks with over 388,000 followers to the date of this post. Follow this feed to get real time update tweets during Superbowl 48. Tweets will be tagged with the #DenvsSea tag hashtag. here are compilation updates from all the Seahawks players who are on Twitter. Get all the Seahawks important tweets all in one place.

@RSherman_25: the official verified Twitter account page of defensive specialist corner Richard Sherman with over 270,o00 followers to the date of this post. Sherman’ persona is not lost on Twitter as he is as active on Twitter as he is on the field. Sherman is one of the more entertaining NFL tweeters to follow.

@DangeRussWilson: the official verified Twitter account with over 520,000 followers. You can bet Russell will be tweeting daily as the Super Bowl approaches.

@MoneyLynch: the official verified Twitter account of running back Seattle Seahawks Shawn Lynch.

@ZachMiller86: Zach Miller’s Twitter account page.

@sidneyrice: the official verified Twitter account page of Sidney Rice with over 156,000 followers.



@SuperBowl: the official verified Super Bowl Twitter account sponsored by the NFL with with almost 100,o00 followers. Tweets tagged with the hashtag #SB48 tag hashtag.


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