Did Dwight Howard Tweet on Twitter About Which NBA Team He Chose?

With the end of the NBA season behind and the Miami Heat holding off all competition to hold onto the 2013 Championship crown the news has quickly turned from the NBA draft to the excitement of free agency.

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***News Update***


Dwight Howard Signs With The Houston Rockets 


No other NBA player in free agency is in more demand than the league’s top rebounder and center Dwight Howard. Dwight Howard is a free agent and can basically sign onto whichever team he wants. Or more particularly, in most cases, whichever team offers him the biggest contract over the most years is usually how it works.

Over the past week Howard has been courted by several prominent teams including his former (or could still be) team the Los Angeles Lakers, the young and upcoming Golden State Warriors, the Houston Rockets with James Harden, his hometown the Atlanta Hawks and the Dallas Mavericks.

It’s safe to say that Dwight Howard will sign with one of these teams. While Lakers used Kobe Bryant to sell the Championship pedigree of the Lakers the Golden State Warriors began clearing as much cap room as possible to bring in Howard. Meanwhile the Hawks can offer a max amount and the Rockets are prepared to offer a tantalizing deal as well.  Dallas can offer Dwight a great place to play and an owner who treats his players well.

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But which team did Dwight Howard tweet? 

Well, looks like we won’t have to wait much longer to find out. Dwight Howard has announced, not via Twitter yet, that he will announce his NBA team sometime this weekend with a Tweet on Twitter.

Dwight Howard has embraced Twitter for quite a while and has amassed and astonishing 18,000 plus tweets. So it’s no surprise that he will chose Twitter to tweet his NBA Team.

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To follow the latest tweets and see what did Dwight Howard tweet about his new NBA team be sure to visit his Twitter account below:


@dwighthoward: the official verified Twitter account of Dwight Howard with over 4.2 million followers and over 18,000 tweets. I’ve been monitoring this account and nothing has been tweeted since July 2, 2013. That of course, is about to change.


Did Dwight Howard tweet his new NBA team? I’ll post this much anticipated tweet as soon as its tweeted so check back here soon.

#dwighthoward: follow the Dwight Howard hashtag on Twitter now to see what other people are saying about this topic.

New Reports have confirmed that Dwight Howard signs with the Rockets.



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