Discover Learnist Now! The Future of Organizing and Sharing Meaningful Content

Discovering the relatively new social media site Learnist recently has been quite a treat. I love monitoring social media’s growth and have been doing it on the Tweeting blog for 5 years.  I’ve come across many social media and networking websites, platforms and apps over the years, most of them not opening up my eyes to any real potential or meaningful purpose.  Learnist is not one of these sites.

So what’s different about Learnist than other content social sharing websites? Quite simply, it’s the the look and feel of the content boards themselves and the expert writers, also called curators, behind them that stand out.  The boards are wonderfully presented, similar to a vertical power point, guide or “ebook” panel style delivery.

But first things first, what exactly is Learnist?

Learnist is a social “sharing” network where people, knowledge leaders, experts, and practically anyone else can create, organize and maintain enriching content boards listed within categories and topics that cover both hard to find niche areas and broad based interests like home, food, entertainment, and travel. Not only do experts in the field contribute their knowledge, but users like you and I can create our own knowledge sharing content boards. 

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Boards are wonderfully presented, I haven’t seen any better. Each panel is quite large, visible and attractive. That in-itself is one of the biggest lures of Learnist. Boards usually consist of a main topic with several sub-topics or related content. If it’s a “how to” or “step by step” guide, then the panels are usually presented in sequential order.

Each panel of a content board is visually stimulating and showcases a large, clear image that summarizes or “suggests” what the content written within each panel is referring too. Board panels are easy to read, concise and succinct. Provided links are easy to find at the bottom left of each panel. Each content board can be added to your “Reading List” for later reading anytime.


A short summary of the board is presented at the top of the board along with the curator’s name and link to that person’s other boards. A strip of social media icons are featured below the curator’s name for easy sharing across all the popular social media websites.

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To give you a better feel and look of a Learnist board I selected this great board by curator Amanda Delgado titled “Decorating for Christmas“.

Here is a breakdown of the board with some example panels for your viewing:

Opening Title (Top)-with large cover image, article title, curator’s name, social media sharing links and a add to reading list button.


Decorting for Christmas Learnist article

Panel 1How to Decorate for Christmas– the author placed a link to a YouTube video within the panel that details the contents- how to give your home an elegant and festive look this season. As you can see social media sharing links are provided for this panel on the right side.

how to decorate for Christmas


Panel 3– more content with a link provided at the bottom of the panel- simple ways to decorate for Christmas with a provided link.


simple ways to decorate Christmas


Panel 6– adding more valuable content to the topic with a provided link to the popular Southern Living website.


101 Christmas decorating ideas

Panel 8– its always nice to have a DIY article when it comes to Christmas decorating.


DIY Christmas decorations ideas

The board concludes with several different recommended article boards.

Learnist has several exceptionally high quality paid premium content boards scattered about for .99 cents as well as sponsored articles. Both of high quality and related to the topics of interest.

Joining Learnist is free and can be done through your Facebook account, Twitter account or email. It’s really simple to sign up and definitely worth it.

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Stay tuned to Tweeting for many more articles on Learnist topics.