Download Dozens of The Hobbit Facebook Timeline Cover Movie Photos

J.R. Tolkien’s the Hobbit is an all time classic story. It is the original story that set the foundation for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy books. The Hobbit was originally a story Tolkien would read to his children.

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Tolkien was a master scholar with expertise in English Literature, languages and mythology. He was also fascinated with words and their origins. This would explain the incredible attention to fictional historical detail in the Hobbit and the subsequent Lord of the Rings trilogy.

With his prolific creative output Tolkien created his own genealogy for fantasy characters like hobbits, elves and dwarfs. He created specific histories for places and objects. He even created his own Elvish language called Quenya and Sindarin.

Peter Jackson’s the Hobbit movie is not due out till December 14th, 2012. It will be divided into two parts. Part 1 will be entitled “the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey while the prequel will be entitled “the Hobbit: There and Back Again.”  However, surprisingly, there is talk coming out of Comic Con 2012 of a possible third installment.

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With the recent buzz at this year’s Comic Con as well as a short preview trailer already in movies theaters I thought it might be beneficial for Tolkien and Hobbit fans to have a place to download a variety of the Hobbit Facebook Covers for their Timeline. You can find covers with your favorite characters including Bilbo Baggins Covers, Gandalf the Grey Timeline Covers and Thorin Oakenshield.

I found a small sampling of Covers; however, as the movie approaches and more scenes and images surface these pages will be showing more Hobbit Covers so be sure to revisit this post again at a later date. In the meantime you can enjoy these nice Hobbit image download links. Images are free to download and upload to your Timeline photos.


 The Hobbit Facebook Timeline Cover Download Websites this website had the best selection of the Hobbit Facebook Covers on the Internet. This link takes you to a collection of the Hobbit Movie Facebook Cover competition page with over 40 Hobbit Covers made by fans from all over the world. Chances are you’ll find a cool Cover here.

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covermyfb: has 2 hobbit Covers of cast shots with Gandalf the Grey looming in the back of one.

justbestcovers: this site has some good hobbit actor Facebook Cover Photos including Richard Armitage, Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen as Gandalf the Grey, and a Hobbit Movie teaser image.

myfbcovers: a nice hobbit dragon Facebook Cover Photo.

fbcoverstreet: the Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Cover.

bhmpics: Thorin Oakenshield Facebook Timeline Cover.

firstcovers: has several interesting Hobbit Covers like a cool Movie banner saying opening 12-14-12, another of Bilbo Baggins’ hobbit hole home, and a humorous countdown to the Hobbit 2012 Cover.


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