Download Free Total Solar Eclipse Twitter Header Photos

If you found this page then you are probably aware that on August 21, 2017 there will be a total solar eclipse happening throughout the morning and afternoon in various parts of the United States. This will be a rare opportunity to witness something that happens once every couple of decades. In fact the next occurrence won’t happen until 2045. That’s 28 years from now. That’s a long time to wait, so don’t miss this one.

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Finding Total Solar Eclipse Twitter Header Photos was pretty challenging.  There just isn’t enough of them free floating around on the internet. My recommendation is to head on over to NASA’s database of solar eclipse images and photos and see what they have. You can also use several free Twitter Header Photo editors. I suggest using as it has the latest updated dimensions that generate the correct Header size for your Twitter page.

Here are some downloads of free Total Solar Eclipse Twitter Header Photos:


Download Free Total Solar Eclipse Twitter Header Photos


Solar Eclipse Twitter Header: this is a pretty cool and direct example of a Total Solar Eclipse Twitter Header Photo. The entire width of the sun is blocked out by the moon. Beautiful.

twitcovers: while I really couldn’t find an exact image of a total solar eclipse there are some great images of up close planets in orbit, suns and moon. This is sort of a space fantasy Twitter Header page, but there might be something on there that you could use. create a Total Solar Eclipse Twitter Header here. There is a great selection of layouts to choose from.  this Pinterest page has a lot of images and photos of a Total Solar Eclipse to choose from. There is a nice Twitter header at the top that you can preview.

Sponsored Links  if you have time head on over to Tumblr to check out some of their uploaded Twitter Header images. There might be something of interest there. create a Total Solar Twitter Header image in under 60 seconds using their updated software, stunning templates and high resolution images.