Enjoy Famous Historical Photos Tweeted on Twitter Now

Looking for historical photos. If you are, then you’ll enjoy following one of the more popular history related Twitter feeds on the Interenet. It’s called @historicalpics.  So what’s great about this particular Twitter feed?  It tweets photos of yesteryear along with other compiled images related to historical moments, events, news, and other relevant historical information. @historicalpics has over 6 million followers and tweets several photos every day.

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@historicalpics is a great visual experience. There’s something amazing about seeing old photos that date a certain place, person, thing or event and time in history. There’s also so much you can learn by comparing periods different periods of history.  For example, comparing old photos to current ones today reveal a lot about our society and how it’s progressed or in some cases how it hasn’t really changed all too much.

When looking at photos you can compare, for example, people’s clothes and attire, hair styles, the juxtaposition of people and things, the reactions on people’s faces, the specific location or setting of the photo compared to the same place today, black and white evolving into color photos, and lots more. It’s a fun and invigorating exercise to see how we’ve changed as people and as a society.

@historicalpics is one of the great photo Twitter feeds. Here are some historical photo examples of what you’ll find being tweeted everyday:

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  • Photos of of WW1, WW2, Korean, Vietnam, and Iraq Wars
  • Presidents signing documents, treaties, or significant pieces of legislation into law.
  • Photos of things, people or events before disaster strikes such as the launching of the Titanic.
  • Photos of famous actors, celebrities and stills from movie shoots
  • Pictures of advertisements and important papers.
  • Images of great sports legends and their heroics
  • Photos of musicians and concerts
  • Civil Rights movement and photos
  • International pictures from around the world from all time periods and places
  • Pictures of old structures and buildings
  • Women rights issues
  • Important events in history
  • Photos of famous inventors, scientists, and their discoveries

Head on over there to check it out now.