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Facebook has officially rolled out its new design features and enhancements this month with many Facebook users seeing these changes for the first time. One of the most significant changes occurring on the pages of Facebook is called the Timeline. In a nutshell the Timeline is basically a better way to share entire parts of your life with your family and friends. One of the standout features of the Timeline is the Timeline Cover Photo. The Facebook Timeline Cover photo will not replace your profile picture but will constitute a nice large portion of your wall. It is basically a large mural or cover art hovering over your profile page not unlike many personal blog logos or headers. Your profile picture will still be there embedded within the cover but obviously will be dwarfed by the much larger cover picture.

You can do a lot with this Timeline Photo Cover including customizing it specifically to your tastes and preferences. There are many websites out there already allowing you to download and use their photo cover art. With many categories to choose from your bound to find something suitable for your profile.

So you might be asking yourself where can I find a Facebook Timeline Cover Photo design? Well, I put together a nice collection of Facebook Timeline Photo Cover Twitter account feeds and their related websites already popping up on the Internet. Many of these are just getting started so their category folders might be lacking in quantity but not quality. Most covers are easy to download to your personal computer and upload to your Facebook page.

Many Twitter accounts will usually have links to their traditional websites somewhere at the top of the profile section right under the description. However, the websites Twitter feed also can do much of the filtering for you tweeting specific cover photos or art that interests you.

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@facebook: the official Twitter account of Facebook.com with over 2,055,000 followers and over 960 tweets. Tweeting now about the Facebook Timeline being available worldwide for PC and mobile platforms.  Tweets links to their Timeline Facebook page explaining what Timeline is and how to go about setting it up in your profile.

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@MyProfileCover: the official Twitter account of myprofilecover.com with only around 40 tweeets so far. The Facebook Timeline is relatively new so this feed will be growing as more and more people try to create their own Facebook Timeline design. Tweets include links to some cool Facebook profile covers including animals, movies, cartoons, celebrities, nature, places, sports and more. Just right click, save and go to Facebook and add it to your new Timeline cover.

@CoverizeMe: another start up Facebook profile page cover art photo Twitter feed.  Tweeting some cool holiday Facebook Timeline Covers are now available. The site has a lot of categories to chose from but with only a small selection of cover photos ready to download. Of course this will change over time.


@Inspirationf: the official Twitter account of inspirationfeed.com with over 84,000 followers and 16,000 tweets. Tweets web design, logo and texture ideas among other things.  Recent tweets include links to 40 great Facebook Timeline designs.

@FaceCoverz: the official Twitter feed of Facecoverz.com with over almost 300 followers to date. Again, another relatively new Twitter feed tweeting links to various Facebook cover ideas and categories. The main website has categories A-Z with small inventories of selectable cover photos to chose from with hundreds more soon to be added.  I looked around and saw some cool Angry Bird Facebook Timeline Covers on their main website.


@4designyoutrust: the official Twitter account feed of designyoutrust.com with over 15,300 followers and 28,700 tweets to date. Tweets links to articles on their blog all about design including the Facebook Timeline.  Tweets include links to design ideas including a inspirational creative Facebook Timeline design page on their blog.

@coverphotoz: a beginning Twitter account of coverphotoz.com with no tweets yet but subject to change as more and more people start experimenting with their Facebook Timeline Cover Photos. There are lots of categories to chose from with some very creative and popular Photo covers on display.

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