Facebook Timeline Welcomes Two Popular Video Sharing Apps: Viddy and Socialcam

Facebook is ushering in a whole new world of social sharing apps that are easily integrated into the new Timeline.  This post will concentrate on two popular video sharing apps called Viddy and Socialcam. Both apps are riding on the success of the picture sharing applications such as Instagram. With recent celebrities like Justin Bieber endorsing Viddy it will be interesting to monitor and track the growth of these apps.

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Here is a short breakdown of these two featured video sharing Timeline apps: Viddy and Socialcam. Both descriptions include links to both their Facebook and Twitter pages and accounts.





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What is Viddy?  Viddy in simple terms is a very short cinematic quality video feature recorded in seconds that can be shared with your friends on social networks and platforms. Videos are short, similar to Twitter tweets, with a duration of 15 seconds.

Also, available on the itunes App Store under version 1.6.0.  The app has a nice user interface and nice production effects.

Check out some of the trending video shorts on Viddy’s trending page.

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Like what you see, here are some featured viddy videos.

Here’s more popular viddy videos here.

Facebook/viddyinc: this is Viddy inc Facebook page with over 22,200 likes and almost 3,000 comments.  The latest posts include popular video viddys with comments below each video.

Viddy on Facebook Timeline: log into your Facebook account from Viddy.com and start filming and sharing videos right away. is an app that can be added to your Facebook Timeline. Click on the “broadcast” button to “on” to turn the publishing on and start sharing videos with your friends and family members on Facebook. Lots of options available including a Twitter like videos and publishers you are following, your followers and videos shared. 

@viddy: the official Twitter account of Viddy with over 2,300 tweets and over 10,300 followers. Tweets embedded links to videos and news about Viddy.com and this popular sharing app tweeting under the #viddy hashtag.


Socialcam: another popular video sharing app that allows for longer videos stored in the cloud and viewable from any device. Share with your friends on Facebook Timeline, Twitter,  and Youtube. Socialcam has an app on itunes for easy convenience of filming and uploading videos on a mobile device.

Check out the following Socialcam featured videos:

Log into your Facebook account and start sharing videos with your friends on the new Facebook Timeline. Go to the Socialcam homepage and click on “Create Account“.


Facebook/socialcam: the official Facebook account of socialcam with over 14,000 likes and over 5,400 comments on video posts.

@socialcamapp: the official Twitter account of socialcam with over 3,800 followers. Tweeting daily socialcam news and help advice.


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