Famous Haunted Houses and Hotels Pinterest Pinboards

Haunted houses and hotels are the scariest places on Earth. They come in many shapes and sizes. A few haunted houses and hotes are quite new, some are old, and some are really old, many places scattered in locations all around the globe. In all likely hood there probably is a haunted house or hotel not so far away from where you live. All you have to do is ask some of the older locals which places have a history of hauntings, and I’m sure they’ll be glad to share their stories.

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Even if you are not a believer of the paranormal you’d be hard pressed to find someone, anyone, who’d be easily willing to stay in some of the most haunted houses and hotels in the world for one or two nights entirely by themselves.

Pinterest is a great site to find collections of many existing haunted houses and hotels, many famous and some only known to local regions and cities.

Below I’ve listed 4 of my favorite Pinterest pinboard collections of haunted houses and hotels, with the occasional ghost pictures scattered about.  On these pinboards you’ll find many of the classic, most haunted places in the world including The Whaley House, Myrtles Plantation, Winchester Mystery House, and Loretta Lynn’s Plantation and lots more. I recommend browsing through these Pinterest pinboards with the lights on.

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Famous Haunted Houses and Hotels Pinterest Pinboards


1. pinterest.com/dbastarache/haunted-houses: a great board full of historical haunted houses with descriptions of why they are haunted. Here you’ll find the following haunted places:


amityville house Pinterest

  • the real Amityville House
  • Historic Sleepy Hollow
  • Stanley Hotel Pinterest Pin
  • Winchester Mystery House
  • Prospect Place in Ohio
  • Slater Mill
  • Real-Life Haunted Houses
  • Abbey House
  • Oddfellows Insane Asylum


2. pinterest.com/ogston16/haunted-houses-and-ghosts: a creepy haunted house and ghost pinboard. There are lots of ghost pictures scattered among these haunted house and hotel pins. Here is a small scary sampling:

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The Walker House

  • Crescent Hotel and Spa
  • Claire Maree
  • Allen House
  • America’s most haunted houses Pinterest
  • The Myrtles Plantation Pinterest
  • St Botolph’s Church
  • The Walker House


3. pinterest.com/reneeh77/haunted-places: simply described as haunted places, this board has almost 300 scary pins. Get ready to get creeped out. There are some scary places showcased here such as these ghostly abodes:


Myrtles Plantation

  • Buxton Inn Granville
  • The Golden Lamb Hotel
  • The Pirates House
  • Story of the Whaley House
  • Baker Hotel
  • Linda Vista Hospital
  • The Haunted Bell Witch Cave
  • Hotel Roosevelt


4.  pinterest.com/dray1229/haunted-places-and-ghosts: 100 pins of haunted places and ghosts. Some of the most famous haunted places in the world are listed on this Pinterest pinboard.


Loretta Lynn's Plantation House

  • Whaley House Pinterest Pin
  • The Congelier House
  • Alcatraz Island Prison
  • Stanley Hotel
  • Goldfield Hotel
  • Loretta Lynn’s Plantation
  • Raynham Hall



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