Find First Tweets, Old Tweets or Any Tweets Using Google Search

It definetly can be an interesting and curious investigation to go back and look at a person or company’s first set of tweets 0r an entire archive of tweets. A collection of tweets might someday mean a lot more to someone or some group than just a long forgotten zip file or tweets stored on some hard drive.  In fact, some valuable information might be gleaned from looking back at these tweetings, and I’ve found a tutorial page that will help locate tweets posted long ago using google search. The thing is tweets don’t last long in Twitter’s searchable index. But first let us look at the relevance of this exercise. For one, it’s quite possible you might be able to reconstruct a person’s timeline of important events or dates. I managed to extract Justin Bieber’s first set of tweets dated all the way back to his fist one on June 12th, 20o9 to see a splatter of events, interviews, rehearsals, concert dates and more. Now Justin Bieber’s importance as an artist  is yet to be determined, but that’s sort of the point. You never know. Here is a sample of Bieber’s first set of tweets:

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Vote 4 “One Time” at 1:32 PM Jun 12th 2009, hoppin a flight back to the ATL. hopefully catch some sleep, 11:43 AM Jun 12th 2009, Check out my interview with Kristinia Debarge: 2:32 PM Jun 11th 2009, On my way to rehearsals with AJ (swagga time) 4:55 PM Jun 10th 2009, I’m at ihop about to mow down some pancakes :p 1:21 PM Jun 10th 2009, Chillin at myspace music. Check me out live at 3:11 PM Jun 9th 2009

Notice the inclusion of the now almost defunct Myspace instead of facebook.  Basically Twitter can be seen as a collection of quotes or sayings within the moment reporting on events both important and not so important.  People will need to decide themselves what is relevant information. You might think of the value of twitter this way and put it into an historical context. For instance, wouldn’t historians today be extremely  interested to read what Abraham Lincoln would have been tweeting all throughout the civil war or Mozart as he tweeted his thoughts on musical composition. I think now one can begin to see the importance of Twitter and tweets as more than just 140 characters or less of just gibberish. In fact you can see why more businesses, major companies, market researchers, and academia are starting to take interest and want to retrieve this data for analysis.  You can read more on how to extract older tweets using google search at this search for older tweets tutorial pageat searchengineland.